A native of Chechnya Hassan Zakayev, accused of aiding the terrorists who seized hostages in the capital theatrical centre on Dubrovka in October 2002, partially admitted his guilt at a meeting of the Moscow district military court (MOVS) on November 22.

After the Prosecutor read the indictment, Zakayev in his reply pleaded guilty only in the delivery to Moscow weapons, which was then used by terrorists. “In 2001 and 2002 I was brought to Moscow weapons – for these items I admit the guilt for the rest – no”, – quotes its TASS.

“I plead not guilty to involvement in a criminal Association in the form as it is presented”, – quotes “Interfax” words of the defendant. Zakayev asked the court to give him time to go into it to convey their position to the victims, but the judge allowed him only briefly to comment on each episode, the Agency said.

The Prosecutor announced the indictment, said: “Carrying out his criminal intent, the Chechen separatists took and drew in a continuing criminal enterprise, the purpose of which was to destabilize the situation in the country, at least 52 persons, each of whom had a role and duty”.

“Zakayev was directly instructed to deliver to Moscow explosive device, in particular disguised as fuel tanks, which subsequently had intended to blow up in socially important areas,” – said the Prosecutor.

According to him, Zakayev has received five thousand dollars and they bought the car “VAZ 21099″, and then together with Girijana Dudayev, whom the consequence considers as one of the organizers of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka, moved on this machine, the detonators and the tanks in Moscow.

Also the representative of the public prosecution said in court that the plans of this terrorist group was the organization of the terrorist attack at the Bolshoi theatre or in other theatrical venues of Moscow.

November 2 MOVS postponed the meeting for 20 days due to the fact that the court failed to notify all the victims in the case. As explained by the judge, not all of the victims managed to find and deliver their agenda. As a result, in the court of the profits of the approximately 55 victims out of more than 900. According to media reports, 852 victims are located in Russia and 40 abroad.

In December 2015 on the basis that the prosecution did not notify all the victims, MOVS returned the case to the Prosecutor.

Originally Zakayev in the UK were named among the organizers of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka

About the arrest of Hassan Zakayev in the criminal case on the terrorist attack on Dubrovka Russia’s Investigative Committee announced in mid-December 2014. Then SC said that Khasan Zakayev, who, along with Shamil Basayev and Dudayev Girijana developed the plan of capture of hostages, was wanted 12 years and was arrested while trying to enter Crimea from the territory of Ukraine on forged documents.

Later Zakayev was charged with participation in a criminal community, preparation of a terrorist attack, aiding in the capture of hostages, attempt at murder of two and more persons, illegal storage of the weapon and deliberate destruction of another’s property.

On 23 October 2002 a group of armed militants led by Movsar Barayev broke into the shopping center on Dubrovka, which was the musical “Nord-OST”, and for two days held hostage 916 people, including children. On October 26 the assault, in which the terrorists were killed.

Before the operation the ventilation of the building filed a soporific gas of unknown composition, the formula of which is still classified. As a result, in total, according to official figures, killed 130 of the hostages, on the assumption of the public organization “Nord-OST” – 174 people.

In 2003-2007 six accomplices of terrorists from Dubrovka on the decision of Moscow city court received from 8.5 to 22 years in prison. As for the organizers of this terrorist attack, Shamil Basayev, according to the FSB of Russia, was destroyed on 10 July 2006 in Ingushetia during the explosion of a truck loaded with weapons and ammunition. Gerihan Dudayev was declared in the international search.

According to investigators on the case, on behalf of Basayev in 2001-2002 in Moscow has organized a series of bombings and hostage-taking. In 2001 in Moscow, Basayev sent a group of eight people, who, however, did not manage to carry out attacks, and in 2002, the capital had a group of 52 people.

According to the investigation, four days before the terrorist attack on Dubrovka members of this group have organized the explosion of the car at McDonald’s on the street Pokryshkina in Moscow in which result one person was killed and eight were wounded, and the same day tried to blow up a car near the concert hall named after Tchaikovsky.

Accused of aiding terrorists in the Dubrovka partially admitted guilt in court 22.11.2016

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