In St. Petersburg investigators of the head investigative Department of GU Ministry of internal Affairs and field investigators of the regional Federal security service (FSB) study the biography of the Colonel of police Sergey Kulakov, checking the information that he is an American citizen and in the recent past served as a corporal in the brigade reconnaissance airborne troops United States, according to “Fontanka”. The Network has photos, which depicted the kulaks in the form of the Russian police, in field camouflage uniforms with insignia.

The relationship with the United States. indicated to the investigators accused of fraud in especially large size businessman Igor Hawtin, a former policeman, who knows … still zero. A criminal case, which was investigated by six departments of GSU cupola, instituted about the fact that in 2014, OOO “Orion”, led by Tamara Blinova, received a shipment of powdered milk, but had not paid her under the false pretext of bad quality product.

According to investigators, Blinova was only the nominal head of the company, and in fact, behind her is Igor Hotin. Statement of the affected merchants were submitted to the Department of economic security and combating corruption Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow district of St. Petersburg.

Tamara Blinova, charged under the fourth part of article 159 of the criminal code (Fraud committed by an organized group or in especially large size”), stated that she was innocent, and worked in the “Orion” as the agent of the St. Petersburg police, carrying out the operation of introduction into the criminal community. The curator, she said, was the Colonel of police Sergey Kulakov, who at that time served in the criminal investigation of Vasileostrovsky district.

This implementation was not documented and came to light only after criminal proceedings in another district. Another accused – Igor Hawtin – testified that the kulaks – American. “I have personally seen his American passport and was photographed with the document,” said Hawtin. – This photo saved on my computer, which was seized during the search and is now at the investigator”.

Pictures of Khotyn computer is not available, but in the American social network Myspace has a user page, Sergey Kulakov, where vilozen a lot of photos, which depicted a man, whose appearance is indistinguishable from the appearance Kulakov from St. Petersburg. Many of the photos to Sergey Kulakov – military uniform with the patch “US Army”. Judging by the captions to the photos, most of them sdelan in Fort Bragg in California in 2007-2008, there is also a photo from the coastal resort of Myrtle beach in South Carolina.

On one of the photos has a caption in English: “Romka (Romka), I bid farewell to Andrew Andrew in Iraq 23 September 2007.

Deputy chief editor of the magazine “Old Zeughaus” Alexey Stepanov has determined that the photographs depicted a man in the form of the 525 th military intelligence brigade (Battlefield Surveillance Brigade), with the insignia of a specialist (the title of the U.S. army, equivalent to lance corporal). “Judging by the “flash” on the beret, he is serving in the 519 th military intelligence battalion (519th Military Intelligence Battalion). On one of the photos with him – a soldier of the special operations Forces (Special Forces)”, stated the expert.

525th military intelligence brigade of the United States stationed at a military base Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Task is a member of the team 519 battalion military intelligence, according to open sources, is the interrogation of prisoners, document translation, counterintelligence, electronic warfare. The division participated in the operations of the American army in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2002-2003, the soldiers of the battalion were mentioned in connection with the allegations of ill-treatment of prisoners in the prison at Bagram military base in Afghanistan and Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

On the same page and present a person similar to Sergey Kulakov, camouflage uniforms with insignia of the St. Petersburg Riot police against the court of detachment and “hammer” the official coloring book “riot of Saint-Petersburg”.

According to the publication, the “American” period in his biography. is not excluded. In the militia he served from 1990-ies, in the beginning he served in the office for combating organized crime, in the ninth division, which undermined the economic basis of crime. Unexpectedly retired at the age of 32 years in 2004 or 2005, and then for several years no data. Once again it appears the police in 2009 or 2010, at the Department of economic security of the Kirov area.

Over the next six years he serves in the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Pushkin area, the Riot police, Ministry of internal Affairs of the Vasileostrovsky area. On Vasilievsky island, he was the operative of criminal investigation Department, security officer, Obypk, inspector investigation Department, traffic police, again the operative of criminal investigation Department of the territorial police Department.

The Colonel himself says he wasn’t served American troops and America never in my life been. “No, I’m never in the US was not” – he said in response to a direct question. About the service in the U.S. army he was first questioned by the investigator, and then for this reason the FSB it checked on “lie detector”.

“I understand what it is. On Murassa – this is not my profile not my pictures. This question thumb for four or five years, I do not pay attention,” said Kulakov. He claims that the photos with his face in the American form – “most likely, the photo montage” made “cheats”. “I think it’s Hawtin, this story thumb it” – shared his suspicions with the police.

A note on that page created several years ago, that is, the provocation was preparing long and hard, fists ignored and not answered the question of what he was doing the few years that passed after his dismissal from OCD to restore service in the militia of the Kirov area.

According to the newspaper, the flight of Sergey Kulakov from Russia to new York airport. John Kennedy documented. “And if the departure from Russia was noted by Russian foreign passport, a service of the American border and customs services of this passport does not see. This is possible in two cases: either the error in the computer database, or in new York, flew showed the passport of the citizen of the United States” – the newspaper notes.

Accused of fraud caught the Colonel of the St. Petersburg police service in the airborne United States 29.09.2016

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