In Rostov-on-don Severo-the Caucasian district military court sentenced 19-year-old Ukrainian Arthur Panov, accused of preparing terrorist attack in this city for eight years in a General regime colony, reports “the Media”.

The state prosecution asked to sentence Panova to nine years in a penal colony, and rostovchanina Maxim smyshlyaeva, which, according to the investigators, helped to prepare the Panov attack to ten years in strict regime colony. In the end, Smyshlyaev received these past 10 years.

The North Caucasus, the court found Arthur Panov guilty of multiple offenses, the sentence quoted by TASS. Gentry was found guilty under articles of the criminal code “Promoting terrorist activities”, “Preparation for attack”, “Illegal manufacture of explosives”, and Smyshlyaev, under “Promoting terrorist activities”.

The court found, 17-year-old gentry, a follower of “Fractions of red army” and a supporter of the ideas of Ukrainian nationalism, decided to travel to Rostov-na-Donu terrorist attack using an improvised explosive device in the place of a mass congestion of people.

The house of lords made explosives and devices. From November to December 2015, he chose the place and chose, as told at one of the hearings, the hypermarket “Okay” on the street Malinovskogo. Before that, the media were mentioned as possible places of attack – the Park theatre Maxim Gorky.

In December 2015 during the search he found an explosive device. The consequence considers that the publication of the Manifesto for followers of the German leftist groups RAF confirms his plan to commit a terrorist act.

Aiding smyshlyaeva was the fact that he criticized the violent methods of resistance

A former employee of “McDonald’s” rostovchanin Smyshlyaev, according to the investigation, helped to prepare the Panov attack and conducted a correspondence with him about it “Vkontakte” were charged under part 3 of article 205.1 of the criminal code. In the case of a positive result Smyshlyaeva gentry promised a monetary reward, as well as assistance with travel outside Russia with the aim to avoid criminal liability.

He smyshlyayev, said that “tips” was the expression of negative attitudes toward attack. According to him, he explained the roster that he believes the violent ways of regime change are unacceptable. Maxim Smyshlyaev was recognized as political prisoners by human rights center “memorial”, said to the”Caucasian Knot”.

In the process, gentry pleaded guilty to incitement to terrorism, as well as the manufacture and storage of explosives, but refused to admit guilt in the encouragement of terrorism. In the debate he said that he was forced to incriminate himself. The last word gentry announced that it plans to appeal the verdict.

According to him, he did not agree that the Smyshlyaev helped him with the preparation of the explosion, and the term “act of terrorism” within the framework of the criminal case. Smyshlyaev, in turn, guilty and not guilty and is convinced that it cannot be considered an accomplice.

Accused of preparing terrorist attack in Rostov-on-don, Ukrainian, and rostovchanin has received 8 and 10 years in prison 11.08.2017

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