Nanny Gulchehra Bobokulov, accused of murder
four-year old girl with a disability, pleaded guilty on Monday, 24
October, in khoroshevskiy district court of Moscow, which began hearings on
the merits of the criminal case.

Gulchekhra Bobokulov communicate with the court through a translator from Uzbek.
“I admit guilt, that’s what she said” – quoted
translator Farida
Hanipova “Interfax”. The correspondent of TV channel “Rain”
notes that the nanny in front of the journalists said,
but the legal representative of Babakulova reported that the nurse “in the General
agree” with the prosecution.

At the meeting Bobokulov said that she lived with a girl in one
room. The child was ill with cerebral palsy. According to the nanny,
that day she waited until ward goes to sleep, then
strangled her with a kitchen knife cut off the head and then set on fire
the apartment with the help of oil for the lamps, the TV channel 360 from the courtroom.

The state Prosecutor demanded to appoint the defendant compulsory treatment,
reports “gazety”.

Material damage from a fire, arranged a babysitter, estimated at six
a half million rubles, reports TASS.

According to the documents, which were read by the Prosecutor, she strangled the child,
cut off the head, set fire to the apartment where the girl lived with
parents, and came to the underground “the October Field”, which threatened to arrange

According to the Prosecutor, “as a result of her actions was destroyed
the property of the victims for a total amount of five million rubles”,
the number of home appliances, clothing and other personal belongings. The damage to the owner
the apartment, which was handed over to her parents of the deceased girl, appreciated in
one and a half million rubles.

As noted by RBC,
Bobokulov listened to the speech of the Prosecutor without emotion. On the questions of the court she
answered slowly and was assisted by a translator from Uzbek
language. After the announcement of the indictment, the court asked
journalists to leave the hall and began the questioning of victims in a closed

While mention of the involvement of nurse to the banned terrorist
organizations in court has not sounded, although the earlier result was checked
communication Babakulova with the instigators and announced the intention to study
her correspondence in social networks “Classmates”, component 500
sheets. The journalists wrote that the instigator could be her ex
the roommate, who “treated her ideas of Islamic extremism.”

The trial is held in the open mode, closed was only
the interrogation of the victims. The court on October 13 extended until 4 April the arrest of
the defendant.

Resonant murder has occurred
in the capital on February 29. Bobokulov detained near the metro station
“The October Field” where she is while walking with cut
my baby’s head in his hands.

The citizen of Uzbekistan charged on
part 2 of article 105 (“Murder juvenile”), part 2 of article 167
(“Deliberate destruction and damage of property”) and part 1 of article
207 (“Knowingly false report about an act of terrorism”).

During the investigation, she said,
what to kill the girl she “ordered by Allah” and that it was revenge for
the Russian bombing in Syria. Bobokulov consisted on the account in
a psychiatric hospital in Samarkand, psychological and psychiatric
examination recognized
the woman insane. Until the last moment she was kept in
psychiatric hospital of the Butyrka SIZO.

Accused of the murder of a disabled girl nanny Gulchehra Bobokulov pleaded guilty in court 24.10.2016

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