Activists of the unregistered political party “Another Russia” in
the night of October 5 was thrown into the British Embassy in Moscow
the bottles with black paint in support of 41-year-old citizen
UK Benjamin Stimson, arrested
in September on charges of terrorism – participation in the fighting in
Eastern Ukraine, separatists from the self-proclaimed
republics. About the campaign told the radio station “Moscow Says”
press Secretary of the party “Other Russia” Alexander Averin.

“Ben Stimson is an activist of the “international Brigade”, English,
miner, son of a Union leader, arrived at the 2015 people’s
Republic of Donbass. On this basis, he is accused of terrorism, 7
October, he will appear before the court of old Bailey,” said Averin.

“Brigade” – a movement created by the “Other Russia” to participate
in the conflict on the side of the Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics in may
2014. With the help of the Donbass mercenaries cross from Russia
and other countries. The statement of “Other Russia”, published on
the party page in the social network “Vkontakte”,
said that the movement has taken on the Donbass “about two thousand
of volunteers, dozens of tons of equipment and humanitarian
help.” “Ben Stimson – activist of the movement”, – is emphasized

“Our party will do its utmost to protect and support, we, of course,
I want to draw attention to his case. Don’t know who exactly performed
this action, but I believe that it was the activists of our party, because
there are leaflets with the party’s statement on Ben
To Stimson,” said Averin.

While Averin sure that the actions taken against the Embassy
Britain in Moscow, took a lot of guts and was risky:
“Party activists are the people warm and they are always ready to risk
to help someone”, – he said and added: “we committed to this action
was fully entitled to it.”

The British Embassy confirmed the attack, saying that
the consequences of the action have already been eliminated.

It is not only the action “Other Russia” in support of Stimson. On
consistent with the administration of the Petersburg picket under the slogan “Their
do not throw!”, scheduled for Friday, October 7, announced with
with reference to the press service of the party to the portal “Russian spring”.
According to the report, it will participate, in addition to the NBP,
the friends of Benjamin Stimson in Donbass and the combat veterans for
the South-East of Ukraine. Note that on November 7, appointed to the court
the meeting in the case of Stimson.

The party stressed that “the prosecution of Ben Stimson on
the background is openly operating in UK recruiters Caliphate
representatives of Chechen terrorists and mercenary fighters death
Ukrainian battalions of the national guard is entirely
politically motivated”. “Hypocritical of the British “elite” who bombed
Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and many other countries
guided by anger and hatred of Russia,” – said in

“The other Russia” was established by former members of the banned
The national Bolshevik party. Until March 2016, led “Other
Russia” was a writer and writer Eduard Limonov, but due to
to deteriorating health he moved
from business, instead of appointing an acting leader
three members of the Executive Committee of the party, including Alexander

Activists of “Other Russia” pelted the British Embassy with bottles of black paint in support of the arrested for terrorism in the Donbas Englishman 05.10.2016

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