Activists of the St. Petersburg branch of the unregistered political party “the Other Russia” pelted the local Ukrainian Consulate smoke bombs and beef bones. As noted on the website of the party, the event was dedicated to the ongoing shelling and the deaths of civilians in the Donbas.

“The events in Syria we have forgotten about the tragic events in the fraternal republics of DNR and LNR, which are under our noses. Today we, the representatives of the party “Other Russia” came to the Consulate of Ukraine in order to feed the jackals appropriate food, namely carrion,” – said the representative of the party Vladislav Ivakhnik.

Ivakhnik was only detained during the action near the Consulate of Ukraine. He was charged under articles 20.2 “Participation in an unsanctioned rally” and 20.1 of the administrative code “Petty hooliganism”.

In the “Other Russia” declared that the war in the Donbass continued for the third year. “In October of 2016 due to shelling of the security forces were injured 56 people, among them 32 civilians, 1 child, 39 were killed. Modern Ukraine is a state-criminal, the place of its authorities in the dock. Diplomatic representation of Bandershtadt should be expelled from the St. Petersburg-Leningrad”, – stated in the message of the party.

Note that in late October, activists of the party held a protest outside the Moscow residence of U.S. Ambassador to Russia. About 15 people unfurled a banner obscene content, scattered leaflets and pelted the building with flares.

The protesters demanded the withdrawal of U.S. bases, U.S. troops and missile defense systems from Europe. “The security of Europe – the handiwork of the Europe”, – said the NBP.

On the night of October 5 activists of “Other Russia” threw in the British Embassy in Moscow, the bottles with black paint as a sign of support 41-the summer citizen of great Britain Benjamin Stimson, who was arrested in September on charges of terrorism for their participation in the hostilities in Ukraine on the side of the separatists.

Activists of “Other Russia” threw the bones of the Consulate of Ukraine in St. Petersburg 06.11.2016

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