Living in Indonesia, Muslims expressed discontent with the new app for smartphones AyoPoligami for married men seeking women for polygamous marriage. About it reports The Independent. The app was criticized for a service that allows you to look for another wife in violation of the law.

As explained by the app developer Linda Pranayama when men come on regular Dating sites, they are not finding the options to find second, third or fourth wife. A specialized application intended for Indonesians, most of whom are Muslim, are ready to marry again, without throwing the previous wives.

In Indonesia, where more than 80% of the population, consisting of 250 million people are Muslims, polygamy is legal. At the same time the man who decided to bring into your home another woman, must obtain the consent of the previous wives and the official permission of the court.

Men are allowed to have up to four wives. However, according to activists, the Muslims in the country tend to provide the court with a fake permission for another marriage.

AyoPoligami app has been downloaded over 10 thousand times, after which the service stopped the registration of new members, as it was discovered that many men enjoy fake accounts, without the knowledge of the previous wives.

Due to the wave of criticism the Creator of the service and I decided on 5 October to launch a new version with more stringent regulations. Now users will be required to provide the identification card, information about marital status and written approval of existing wives.

Addressed to the polygamists app for smartphones has caused a wave of criticism from Muslims of Indonesia 03.10.2017

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