Friday, November 4 in Paris held an auction for the sale of the collection of Prince and Princess Yusupov. About the collection of personal things, photos, letters, objects of art, the couple was not heard for 60 years. This collection was in Mexico, where it took a close friend of Yusupov sculptor Victor Contreras.

The auction house Drouot reports that the sale of 270 lots. The greatest excitement may cause the boyar suit that was made for the costume ball at London’s albert hall, where the young Felix Yusupov was invited on July 11, 1912. In this costume the Prince was captured in the photo that made him famous in the English high society.

Among the items for sale, there are other historical costumes (the end of XVIII century) and a collection of tie pins Prince, the jewelry of Princess Irina Yusupova. Collectors also drew attention to a small silver statuette of Jupiter, the authorship of which is attributed to Benvenuto Cellini (lot N137, the starting price of 200 thousand euros), notes RFI. Value are 25 and grotesque figures of the Prince, which he created after 1930, watercolor Princess, the portraits of the representatives of the Romanov dynasty.

Mexican sculptor Victor Contreras stored these items, explained that the purpose of the sale is to return these items to the home of the Prince, to Russia. They will be of interest primarily to Russian collectors, he said.

Contreras, a famous Mexican sculptor, was introduced to Prince Yusupov in 1958, when he studied at the Paris art school. “My acquaintance with Prince and Princess Palace. changed my whole life. Felix encouraged me, he believed in me, and through him I became what I am today,” he says. The young student lived for five years in the house of his friends and patrons, who replaced his parents.

The name of Prince Felix Yusupov, the representative of an ancient family and the wealthiest families of the Russian Empire, due to the murder of Rasputin, a historical event, covered a huge number of legends, reminiscent of the RFI.

One of these legends, that Rasputin did not work a huge dose of potassium cyanide, dispelled Victor Contreras. According to him, no potassium cyanide was not. In the classic version, the Prince with his friends lured Rasputin to the cellar of the Yusupov Palace on the Moika, and at first tried to poison him. However, doctor S. S. Lazavert who was assigned to poison the wine and cakes to Rasputin, he couldn’t do it. After the murder he wrote a letter Yusupov, where he reported that he, the doctor, who gave the oath of Hippocrates, found the strength to put the poison. This letter, according to Contreras, there is in his collection, but on auction it is exposed will not.

However, this version in the memoirs of Felix Yusupov no. The scene with the addition of poison to foods is also present in the film, Robert Ossana “I killed Rasputin” in 1967, which the Prince himself was a co-writer. It was the only film version of the story about the murder of Rasputin, which was approved by Yusupov, has consistently opposed all other statements, calling them untrue. (he filed a complaint in the court against the creators of the film “Rasputin and the Empress” company for MGM in 1932 and won nearly half a million dollars, and also rejected the enormous fee to play himself in another American picture, “Rasputin, the mad monk”, in 1966).

Victor Contreras argues that also stores the Tiffany lamp, shining Prince, when he shot Rasputin, and body image, presented by Ivan the Terrible the founder of the Yusupov Khan Yusuf.

The youngest son of Princess Zinaida Yusupova and count Felix Sumarokov-Elston got the right to be called Prince Yusupov from the Emperor. He graduated from Oxford University, and founded there the Russian society. In 1914 he married the daughter of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich Irina.

Led the First Russian automobile club, played in the theater, equipped the hospitals. Went down in history as the organizer of the conspiracy aimed at the murder of Grigory Rasputin.

After the revolution, went to the Crimea, thence on Board the battleship “Marlboro” in Europe. The Prince and Princess managed to buy a house in Paris with the money raised from the sale of family jewels, and two paintings by Rembrandt. They opened the fashion house, which had no financial success. Felix Yusupov died in 1967 in Paris at the age of 80 years. His wife survived him for three years.

During the Second world Yusupov refused to support the Nazis and to return to Russia.

Adopted son Felix Yusupov was put up for sale the collection of Prince and his documents 03.11.2016

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