Amid regular protests by the exchange of food, the adviser of the President of the Russian Federation proposed to prohibit foreign currency deposits and mortgages in Russia. “In our country we need to ban the currency mortgages and foreign currency deposits – we live in a country where rubles”, – said on air “Russian news service” Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on the Internet German Klimenko, who earlier was suspected in the possession of a torrent tracker.

He hinted that ordinary Russians urged to take foreign currency loans. “Financiers more experience, he can always persuade and justify, not all literate people. When a law firm takes a foreign currency loan and build the house, may be, foreign currency deposits make sense, but the mortgage must be in the currency banned, I think”, – said the adviser to the President of the Russian Federation.

He also announced a possible ban on foreign currency deposits. “When the Bank takes monetary contribution, he needs to do something with the currency. Currency risk is so high in today’s world, you need to learn to live on their money”, – said Klimenko.

Anton Nut: “to Prohibit a mortgage in the currency”

If Russia will ban foreign currency deposits, residents will keep their money at home, said state Duma Deputy, President of Association of regional banks Anatoly Aksakov. He suggested that the Russians will still buy the currency, but keep her in stockings. According to him, “dollarization of the population is very high,” the share of foreign currency deposits to 30%.

Aksakov would be no problem to provide loans for purchase of imported machinery, equipment and goods. “Speaking about the proposal to ban the currency mortgages, he noted that it “tends to zero”. “It is all burned and the borrowers themselves, and the bankers,” he said.

In turn, the Russian President’s adviser on economy Sergey Glazyev has declared “to the”, which advocates the introduction of a fixed exchange rate policy. He is convinced that speculators are earned on a volatility rate of 50 billion dollars.

The food, organized the protest in trash bags

Meanwhile, exchange the food because of the fall of the ruble has been in a difficult situation, as their monthly payments increased significantly. Last year they held a lot of shares in banks in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition, on January 27 borrowers have blocked Tverskaya street in the “White square” in the Russian capital.

On Smolensk-Sennaya square on 2 February, the protesters, dressed in garbage bags with attached flyers, stormed mortgage center “Raiffeisenbank”. According to TV channel “Rain”, after trying to break through to mortgage protection center between the borrowers and the fight occurred.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank no ideas helping food. According to the representative of the Central Bank, the regulator cannot require credit institutions any decisions relating to civil law relations, including loans in currency.

In January 2015, the Central Bank issued a letter of recommendation to the banks, where it proposed to restructure the currency mortgages. The Bank of Russia recommended to use when converting the official foreign exchange rate as at 1 October 2014, i.e. 39,38 rubles per dollar.

While concessions went only “Absolut Bank”, which has agreed to convert the currency mortgages at the exchange rate of 65 rubles per dollar. The other day the Communists urged to require banks to restructure.

Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation proposed to abolish the currency mortgages and currency deposits 03.02.2016

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