Sportswear manufacturer from Denmark has developed for the women’s team of the Afghanistan football shape that conforms to the Shariah. Athletes will be able to take the field in the outfit with the hijab, which is now sewn into the hood. Shape performed in crimson.

“The peculiarity of the new equipment is to design t-shirt, which is made in the style of Hanly, as well as the ornament, formed of twisted strands, resulting in a checkered pattern, consisting of horizontal and vertical bars”, – stated in manufacturer information, the text of which leads portal “sedmica”.

“We are not a sponsor of the largest teams in the world, but we have partnerships with teams and clubs with the history, this also applies to Afghanistan. Trying to meet the demands of the Afghan people and to help women to play football wearing hijab if they want,” said the owner of the company Christian Stadil.

The first new form will test the members of the national women’s football team of Afghanistan.

The game of football for women in Afghanistan can be very dangerous due to strict national Patriarchal and Islamic traditions. Therefore, many members of the team live and train in Europe.

“Football is not too easy game for us. Because we live in a society dominated by men. Here, football is a man’s game,” he said in an interview with AP the Holida got, which was previously team captain.

The international football Federation (FIFA) officially allowed Muslim women to wear the hijab during matches in March 2014. Until the last moment the representatives of Islamic countries played soccer in a regular fit, with a makeshift hijab fastened with Velcro.

Until 2014 to participating in all competitions under the auspices of FIFA extended the ban on wearing the hijab which was introduced in 2007.

Recall that in 2009, the basketball Association of Switzerland warned of a Muslim woman involved in this sport that she will not be able to participate in League matches in the traditional headscarf.

19-year-old citizen of Switzerland Surah al-Cur with Iraqi roots and a practising Muslim, was supposed to debut in a regional women’s basketball League. In this regard, the club STV Luzern, with whom she acted, had requested permission for a scarf for Sura.

However, the Swiss basketball Association has stated that, according to the rules of the world basketball FIBA Supervisory authority, to act in a headscarf is forbidden, because sports should be free from religious symbols.

“If basketball is priority number one, then you have to respect the rules. If priority number one is the religion, you will not be able to play basketball”, – said in a statement, the Swiss basketball Association.

A similar incident was documented, however, in favor of the young sportswoman-Muslims, happened in 2005 in the United States.

Then 12-year-old girl basketball player was allowed to participate in the tournament in Orlando in hijab, although officials originally were against it. In defense of the rights of woman, addressed the Council on American-Islamic relations (CAIR).

First Union athletes-lovers forbade the girl to wear during the game, the hijab, referring to a General prohibition to participate in competitions wearing a hat. However, after the intervention of the Muslim human rights groups, the Union changed its mind, specifying that during the game the girl had to fill the edges of the scarf in shape.

The CAIR spokesman Ahmed Bedier then commended the willingness of the organizers to meet the “reasonable religious requirements of young athletes”.

Afghan football players will play in the shape with sewn-in hijab 14.03.2016

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