After successfully held in Moscow exhibition of Aivazovsky the State Tretyakov gallery (STG) returns in Feodosia art gallery, 14 restored graphic works of the master, which were adopted in July 2016 in the Tretyakov gallery for temporary storage for restoration.

In parallel with the exhibition, for nearly four months, the best restorers of the Tretyakov gallery restored unique drawings by the artist.

But now carefully restored to work again very soon risk a return to the dismal state – of Feodosia art gallery named after I. K. Aivazovsky, which should return the drawings, itself in need of restoration.

Visited before in the gallery the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Andrey Kozenko, in his Facebook wrote on the results they saw: “what is the status of the gallery for 8 months until the anniversary (in July 2017 marks the 200 anniversary from the birthday of the artist – Approx.ed.) – hard to describe without emotion. However, everything seen in the photo. In addition to the bare walls, the lack of toilets, swollen window frames and other storage gallery started to heat a little and groundwater”.

According to him, the approximate cost of the renovation of the historic art complex opened on July 29, 1880, is 400 million rubles, which, according to the Deputy, “are comparable with fees from the exhibition in Moscow.”

Kozenko accused officials in charge of state warehouse, in inaction, adding that it is not disturbed by the fact that the images of the gallery, in distress, rastirazhirovan Ukrainian media. “Brought to such a state gallery just in the Ukraine. We present it in order – and this is important,” – said the Deputy.

As told the head of Feodosia Svetlana Gevchuk, restoration of Feodosia art gallery named after I. K. Aivazovsky included in the Federal target program of development of Crimea until 2020. Previously, it already restored, but in the documentation was the inaccuracies which funds were provided only on emergency response work. To the total amount of restoration required much more funding.

In addition, it is necessary to work to strengthen the building and construction funds of sewage near the Museum of the river flows diverted under the street Gallery, so the basement is always damp, reports the press service of the Feodosia city Council.

Ivan Aivazovsky was born on 17 (29) July 1817 in Feodosia. Art gallery, founded by him, Feodosia residents consider their pride. Today it is one of the oldest art museums of the Crimea, here is the world’s largest collection of paintings as well as paintings by his pupils and followers. The gallery is located in a house built by Aivazovsky in 1848, and later the artist added a large exhibition hall.

After Aivazovsky exhibition in the Tretyakov 14 of his works will return to the Museum Feodosia, also in the Ukraine, impounded storage 24.11.2016

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