Students of drama faculty of the Russian University of theatre arts (GITIS) decided to suspend its participation in the educational process because of disagreement with the decision of the rector of the University Grigory Zaslavsky combine theatre and production departments.

“We Express our disagreement with the decision of the rector and the Academic Council (in the composition, which was presented 20.12.16) thus: being present on the territory of the University, we stop their participation in the educational process, including a visit to the scheduled lectures, seminars, tests and examinations, – said in an open letter to students. – This situation we will keep up to the moment when our demands are met”.

As reported TASS, the students say that they “will be satisfied only with a legally binding decision of the rector on the re-discussion on the merger of two faculties – the theatre and producer of the re-convening of the Academic Council in full composition in the presence of the Dean of the theatre faculty.With. Pivovarova”.

This ultimatum was followed by two meetings with the rector of the University Grigory Zaslavsky, who is not properly responded to the first open letter signed by more than 1,000 students and teachers of the University with a request to clarify the situation around the enterprises of the production and the theatre faculties. The rector felt that this criticism is directed specifically against him, and declared that the requirements of students and teachers on the re-convening of the academic Council will not be made and his decision is final.

However, students are reminded that the Charter of the University enshrined their right to appeal any local acts of the Institute, and to participate “in shaping the content of their professional education,” if it is not limited to the terms of the contract on training.

Thursday, December 22, rector Grigory Zaslavsky posted on the website of the University address to students and teachers, which reported that on December 20 the Academic Council of the University, he made a proposal to merge two departments, “to strengthen education on that, and on the other”. And almost all those present (except for two) voted “for”.

At this point in GITIS eight faculties: directing, acting, musical theatre, theatre, choreography, stage design, stage and production.

As noted by the rector, the reform “not intended to change or destruction of the principles of teaching and changing the professions”. “Currently we are talking about the emergence of an administrative coordinating center. All the teachers and all the programs remain in their places. Changes will occur gradually and will affect programs”, – says the rector, noting that experience shows the advantage of such enterprises, and “notable artistic benefits.”

Later in the broadcast channel “Rain” , the rector of the University said that the University will continue to produce producers and theatre critics after the unification of the faculties. “The diplomas will be written as before, because there is such a thing as a classifier of occupations, which cannot be changed. Nowhere in the diploma does not specify the faculty. And a set will be the same, because the budget places gives even the Ministry of education, not culture,” said Grigory Zaslavsky.

The curriculum will also remain the same, and improve the quality of education to be achieved from the “additional elective courses”. “The programs all have been certified. Has it all the state standards,” he said.

“The conflict is inflated on an empty place”, – said the rector, since the Association of faculties does not imply “humiliation of any of the faculties”, or one of the professions.

Zaslavsky, noted that the result of such “revolutionary unexpected connections” theater critics will get the skills of planning and organization of theatrical business, will be able to learn how the theatre and what the theatre is in demand.

First Deputy culture Minister Vladimir Aristarkhov has said that the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation supported the decision of the rector of GITIS to combine producer and theatre departments. “The rector knows better how to organize the educational process. Zaslavsky is a great leader, he successfully elected, shall have all the powers and much better than the students understands the situation and knows how to act – said Arseny. – We trust him and support the decisions made”.

After the decision of the rector of GITIS to combine theatre and production departments, the students declared a boycott of the school and session 23.12.2016

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