The American non-governmental organization Southern Poverty Law Center during the first week after the announcement of results of elections of the President of the United States recorded a substantial rise in xenophobic attacks. Across the country there were 437 incidents are not connected, however, contain references to the election campaign of Donald trump or his private statements. Reports about manifestations of intolerance towards representatives of various minorities continue to be.

According to the report, most of the more than 120 – are associated with anti-immigrant sentiment. In addition, the marked manifestations of hatred of blacks, LGBT people, Muslims, sexist attacks, swastikas and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

“Many of these offences are directly linked to the campaign trump” – quoted by the BBC Russian service, one of the leaders of the NGO Mark’s Thread. In the organization also believe that the appointment of the chief campaign strategist trump Stephen Bannon, whom the press dubbed “the Apostle of al-Wright”, is a bad sign from the point of view of race relations in the United States, as’bannon suspected of sympathizing with the racists.

NBC News, analyzing the records of the Southern Poverty Law Center, notes that most cases of intolerance occurred in schools and University campuses. In addition, in many cases, a swastika and offensive inscriptions appear on religious objects.

So, on the wall of the Episcopal Church of the Savior in Maryland, where once a week the services are held in Spanish, scrawled the word “Nation trump’s only white.” At the University of Michigan unknown demanded from Muslim students to remove veil, threatening to set her on fire. In a new York College on the walls were inscriptions “trump” and swastikas. In Indiana the inscription “Heil trump” appeared on the walls of the Church, which crowns same-sex couples.

We will add, earlier in the week was published the annual report of the FBI that provides statistical data on crimes of hate. The document notes that the number of such crimes in the United States last year increased by 6%, the vast majority of victims were attacked because of race or ethnicity.

During his election campaign, Donald trump repeatedly sharply spoke about the Muslims and Mexicans. After reports of his victory in the presidential elections in several major US cities have been protests under the slogan “Not my President”, their members, among other things, declare the disagreement with the position of the trump on national, religious and other minorities.

It is also worth noting that in Britain after the referendum on secession from the EU were recorded growth of street racism. According to experts, it was the result of “xenophobia” campaign, which was carried out by the eurosceptics. For example, immigrants from Poland were receiving notes with threats and demands to leave the country.

After winning the trump in the US recorded a growth of xenophobic attacks 16.11.2016

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