Arrested on charges of fraud sect leader Andrei Popov, who calls himself “God Kuzey”, was a defendant in another criminal case on organization encroaching on the personality and rights of citizens.

“During carrying out of investigatory actions and operatively-search actions previously brought criminal case under article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud”), employees of the Moscow police, in collaboration with colleagues from the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and UFSB the Russian Federation across Moscow and Moscow region have identified the additional facts of illegal activity”, – told TASS head of the press service of the MIA Andrey Galiakberov.

Probably the case was brought under article 239 of the criminal code (“Creation of religious or public Association whose activity involves violence against citizens or otherwise causing harm to their health, and the leadership of such Association”) for compliance with this article, the actions of “God Kuzi” was previously checked.

According to press reports, at their seminars, Popov used a method of neuro-linguistic programming, turning fans into a zombie, ready to obey any instructions from him. Violation of any of the numerous prohibitions was punishable by beating. Beat to a pulp, stabbed 180 shots to the face rubber Slippers. After that, the person just turned into a bloody mess, and the adherents are told that this is a kind of purification”, journalists found out.

The media reported that Popov and his supporters can and incriminate article “the Beating” and “Rape” because on Saturdays, followers of “God Kuzi” beat the guilty, and women are allegedly forced to have sex.

According to the ROC, Popov has long called himself “Bishop of Roman”, and then proclaimed himself “God”. “Sect “God Kuzi” is clearly destructive in nature, which is confirmed by numerous testimonies of its former adherents. As in most totalitarian sects, it is actively used methods of physical and mental effects on humans, up to threats and beatings,” said the ROC.

Posing as representatives of a generally little known of the temple or monastery, supporters of “God Kuzi” invited people to enjoy a wide range of prayers and ceremonies. Moreover, these occasional atypical, for example the deliverance of the child from computer addiction. And their price reached five thousand.

The accused Andrei Popov tried before his arrest to impersonate a harmless disabled person and intellectual. He claimed that has a 16-year-old son and elderly mother. Popov, in his words, graduated with honors from Moscow state University, specialty “historian-teacher with knowledge of the English language”, and is a member of the Union of writers of Russia.

In addition, “God Kuzya” has a disability, visually impaired and suffered two clinical deaths. “On a state of health to be detained for me like death. I have recently greatly impaired, especially the right eye. Only see light and dark,” – said Popov in court.

Against “God Kuzi” they initiated the establishment of the organization, encroach on human rights 03.11.2015

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