Russian airlines call for tougher measures against rowdy. Yesterday in Rosaviation have discussed this issue at the “round table” with participation of lawyers and representatives of carriers. “Kommersant” reported on the proposed measures include the introduction to them of the ban on travel abroad, higher prices for tickets or even the obligation to pay the rest of the passengers of flight moral compensation.

In a study by the National Association of air law explains that the critical issue is “uncertainty of legislation that is not clearly prescribed sanctions for such passengers.” In many airlines, there is no clear instructions on the actions of the crew in such cases, and rules of conduct of passengers on Board is an internal document of the carrier, and for violating the the law is responsibility. Most at risk Charter flights to the resort areas in which illegal actions are most often committed in a state of alcoholic intoxication. The second common violation of the Smoking policy on Board.

Airlines cannot apply to passengers fines (only allowed not to refund the ticket price), place them on black lists, not selling them tickets. According to the Deputy chief of Department of aviation security “Aeroflot” Sergey Kulik, only 70% of aviakerosene held accountable.

The meeting participants proposed to establish administrative responsibility for violation of public order on Board the aircraft, gross violations equate to hooliganism, but in the Air code to prescribe General rules of conduct of passengers. Separate the punishment proposed for the deputies and officials – misconduct during the flight, according to industry participants, should be the basis for termination of the service or work officials. Also discussed was limiting the supply of alcohol.

In addition, members of the industry propose legislation to allow the airlines to manage black lists and be allowed to refuse to transport passengers that are included in such registries or to charge them a higher fee for the tickets.

Airlines want to close the brawlers leave the country 26.11.2016

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