The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that gas supplies to the Ukrainian city of Genichesk will rise when colder. Before the authorities announced the beginning of the transit, however, Genicheske is denied. Aksenov also said that Ukraine had not made good the debt for supplies in the past year.

The issue of resumption of deliveries Aksenov discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin after a meeting of the state Council in Yaroslavl. The authorities of Crimea said that the valves on the pipeline from Crimea to the Ukrainian Henichesk (Kherson oblast) open.

“Yesterday, the valves opened, the pressure in the pipeline is equal. Due to the high air temperatures (now in Simferopol 14-15 degrees), respectively, there is a large pumping no,” he said Aksenov , RIA “Novosti”. According to Aksenov, the executives responsible for the operation of the gas transportation system both sides are in contact. With decreasing temperature the volume of gas flow will increase, he said: “I would be cold, then people’s protests forced Ukrainian authorities to act otherwise.”

The head of the Crimea also added that the current government of Ukraine is unlikely
Russia will pay 18 million rubles of the debt for gas deliveries from the Crimea in Genichesk
last winter. He explained: “officially there are no relations, it is unlikely they will line up in the near future under the current government (in Kiev). I think when come to good people to power in Ukraine, those who really chooses the people, then, debt is debt, I think the decision will be made “Chornomornaftogaz” these services
pay”. (Quoted by “Interfax”.)

Aksenov said that the letter from residents of Genichensk with 300 signatures was delivered to Council of Ministers of Crimea.

Aksenov said about the upcoming increase in gas supplies to Genichensk 13.11.2016

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