Of pupils 11-x classes of all the suburban schools will gather on the prom in military-Patriotic Park of the Ministry of defence “Patriot” in Kubinka. The initiator of the event was made by the war Department and personally the Minister Sergei Shoigu. “For the region is problematic, but it can not be denied,” – said RBC informed source.

As it became known to journalists, prom in the Park “Patriot” will be held June 25. “Likely to invite someone of the artists, but of course no ball will not be there. Park for this is not provided,” – said the interlocutor of the edition, noting that the organization is responsible for the government of the Moscow region.

Deputy city Stupino Nikolai Kuznetsov, in turn, explained to journalists that Stupinskiy students made a proposal to go to the “Patriot” without any coercion. According to him, everyone will bring to the Park, the Ministry of defense in special buses.

“Perhaps there are any requirements for the number and mobilize the participants of the Pro-government movements like “Uname”, “Young guard of United Russia”, “Local” and so on,” he added.

According to “Tape.ru”, prom will be held June 24. “Certificates students will receive at home, and then driving the bus in “the Patriot”, where will be organized the feast. A total of more than 30 thousand people”, – told the publication source in the regional education system.

The press also drew attention to the considerable distances that have to be overcome to graduates of the greater part of the regional schools. “For transportation will provide buses, but many will have to go to Kubinka for three to four hours one way, and even more,” he said.

Patriot – military-Patriotic Park of recreation and culture of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. It is located near the town of Kubinka, Odintsovo district, Moscow region. Another Park “Patriot” (suburban branch) to be built in Sevastopol. The plot area of 267 hectares in 2015, has leased the club “Night wolves”.

April 23, more than seven thousand spectators, including Minister of defense Sergei Shoigu, visited the military-historical reconstruction “the Storming of Berlin” in Moscow Park “Patriot”. In the production was attended by about 1400 reenactors, hundreds of stunt men. On the field brought about 30 samples of automotive and armored vehicles of the great Patriotic war: tanks T-34, is-2, KV-1, German Panzerkampfwagen III, “Panther” etc. was Announced aerial duel fighters La-7 and Me-109. A symbol of reconstruction in the social networks became “a copy of the Reichstag” of corrugated panels.

All high school students of the Moscow region at the request of the Minister will receive the final mark in the Park of the Ministry of defence “Patriot” 20.05.2017

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