Opened in Moscow all-Russian civil forum. The forum will discuss the protection of human rights, improvement of education and the electoral system ahead of the presidential elections in 2018, reports “Interfax”.

Opened the forum, organized by Committee of civil initiatives Alexei Kudrin, Chairman of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights (HRC) Mikhail Fedotov. “We (the HRC) do not consider themselves generals civil society, civil society generals can not be. We the rank and file of civil society,” he said, noting that human rights defenders, “as ordinary, should know his maneuver”. “One maneuver is associated with the protection of nature, the other – with the protection of children’s rights; III – the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities”, – said the head of the HRC.

Fedotov, speaking at the forum, said: “When people ask me whether we have human rights, I say that, of course, is not good. But we intend all of these problems step by step solve. To solve these problems without a developed civil society is impossible.” (Quoted by TASS.)

Journalist Vladimir Varfolomeev in Twitter wrote that the open forum was Chairman of the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alekseeva. But in her house the Elevator broke down, and she was unable to come.

However, Alexeyeva was able to address the meeting via teleconference via Skype. She recalled the problems with the conduct of mass actions and rallies and called “save the opportunity to exchange views and develop common solutions”, reports “Interfax”. “I have been on this forum to agree on-line round tables, conferences, and on the next civil forum (spend) on the Internet,” she suggested.

All-Russian civil forum in the current format is going for the fourth time. The forum will be held in the plenary session and several discussion sites devoted to various aspects of humanitarian development of society.

All-Russian civil forum opened in Moscow 19.11.2016

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