For optional school course program
“Orthodox culture”, which the Russian Academy of education (RAO)
to introduce in the schools an absentee vote, sent back for revision, after
which will be discussed by experts. About it as transfers TASS,
told reporters Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva.

She stressed that the information disseminated in
Media on the eve, was “not entirely accurate”. “In order to further
review or promotion of this optional, and I stress that
the program was, was to gather experts to discuss, that is
absentee voting is inappropriate here” – quoted Olga Vasiliev
“Interfax”. The Minister pointed out that “since the programme
Federal works may not be so fast.”

Vasiliev recalled that the optionality of the subject implies consent
parents and the school consent to conduct such a course and noted
in the summer this year, the Ministry approved the proposal to develop
such a program.

The current Federal course “Basics of religious culture and
secular ethics” is one hour a week, starting with the fourth
grade. It has six areas, among them –
Orthodox culture, Islamic culture, Buddhist culture,
the culture of Judaism as well as secular ethics.

The blame for absentee voting in RAO has put in the psychologist-wagon
from Irkutsk

To start the process of absentee voting before the paper wrote
“Kommersant”, noting that this procedure will last until November 30 and,
if the document is approved, the course “Orthodox culture” will be
massively introduced in schools. The President of RAO Lyudmila Verbitskaya said in
that same day TASS reported that the vote was illegal and occurred at
fault of her Deputy Victor Basyuka.

According to Verbitskaya, the program was indeed presented on
the educational-methodical Association, but the Academy realized that she needs
to be very seriously modified. “But then – without telling me about anything
not showing me anything, my Deputy Viktor Stefanovich Basyuk suddenly
sent out a questionnaire to a vote in the training
enterprises”, – said President RAO.

Victor basiuk – the candidate of psychological Sciences, previously held the position
head of the Department of pedagogy and educational management
systems of Irkutsk state linguistic University
was the Minister of education of the Irkutsk region from 2009 to 2013. RAO
for the office of Vice President appointed in June 2014 –
to oversee applied pedagogy, education centres and
the centers of expertise in education.

In the biography of Basuki on the website
RAO indicated that he had graduated from three different universities in three different
specialties, none of which coincides with the specialty
which he became a candidate of Sciences. In 1992, he graduated from Irkutsk
state pedagogical Institute, specialty “teacher
biology and chemistry”, in 2001 from Irkutsk state
agricultural Academy, specialty “economist”, in 2008
year of the Russian legal Academy of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation on
the specialty “lawyer”.

Basiuk, said Verbitskaya, had no right to put the project
to the vote. “The program is not ready, so nothing to talk about,
nothing will happen in the near future. No decisions will be made
30. This is a big mistake of my Deputy, and I will be with him
to understand”, – assured the President of RAO.

She added that no decisions RAO does not accept without serious and
a thorough discussion. According to Verbitskaya, “when the program is
finalized, will still be a serious discussion,” up to this point
to take anything not planned.

Almost accepted by mistake school program electives Orthodoxy is sent back for revision 30.11.2016

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