Almost half of Russians (48%) fear that the aggravation of relations between Russia and the West caused by the conflict in Syria could escalate into world war III. This is evidenced by the survey conducted by experts of”Levada-Center”.

According to sociologists, almost six years after the beginning of the conflict in Syria developments continue to closely only 18% of Russians. Almost as many – 17% – do not. The vast majority (64%) – know a little about the latest developments in Syria, but do not follow them closely.

It started a year ago air operation by the Russian troops in Syria have a positive attitude more than half of Russians (52%), while the negative – only 26%. The majority of Russians (32%) believe that in connection with the bombing of Syrian territories by the Russian VKS, the attitude of other countries towards Russia has deteriorated. 26% believe that the attitude to Russia has not changed, and 21% believe that the attitude has improved, as many were undecided.

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The ratio of those who believe that Russia should continue to intervene in the Syrian events exceeds the number of thinking differently – 49% vs. 28%.

As for the Russians about Syria, here their opinions diverge: 35% of respondents believe that Russia and Western countries will be able to find common ground in resolving the situation, 39% believe the opposite.

The survey was conducted from October 21 to 24 among 1,600 people aged 18 years and older of the 48 regions of the country. The statistical error does not exceed 3,4% for indicators close to 50%.

Earlier in October, the results of another poll on Syria, conducted by VTSIOM, showed the Russian frustration about the chances of resolving the Syrian conflict. In comparison with March the number of respondents who believe that the events are normalized gradually decreased from 48% to 15%.

27% of respondents have seen for Russia the negative consequences from participation in the Syrian campaign, such as the threat of war with the United States and the tension in relations with the West. 11% believed that the consequences can be positive: in particular, Russia can strengthen its position in the world, to improve the defenses. More than half of citizens (53%) were undecided on this question.

Almost half of Russians fear that the conflict in Syria will lead to world war III 31.10.2016

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