The habit of shaving her legs in the modern world is characterized not only for women but also for men. About it writes The Independent, referring to the results of a survey conducted by popular men’s magazine Men’s Health.

The American version of the publication noticed that some men began to appear in the gym with shaved legs. In this regard, they decided to find out whether this is a coincidence or trend?

On the page of the edition in Facebook we conducted a poll. His goal was to find out exactly how modern men are shaving legs other representatives of the stronger sex and exactly how many readers struggling with vegetation on the legs.

The results of a survey of journalists called unexpected. While more than half of readers (51.6 per cent) said they considered shaving legs men, “strange” activity, 33.1% of the admitted, slightly trimmed hair on the feet trimmed. And 15.3% said they shave their legs constantly. In total the survey was attended by about 600 men.

Another magazine – Women’s Health – organized a survey among its readers-women. They were asked to tell what they think about men who shave their legs?

Of the approximately 700 readers, almost 30% said they are cutting men’s hairs on legs positively, and 22% believe that in General, I prefer men with clean-shaven legs. However, most women were conservative – in 49.3% of survey participants stated that men should not even shave limbs.

Almost half of the readers of men’s magazine admitted that trim or shave hair on legs 18.10.2016

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