Amateur astronomer from Austria Gerrit, Kernbauer managed to capture the collision of an unknown object – possibly a comet or asteroid with Jupiter, says The Popular Mechanics.

Apparently, the size of the object were relatively small, however, due to the strong gravitation of the largest planet in our Solar system, he was able to develop a high speed when entering the dense clouds of Jupiter. The power of the explosion in the collision amounted to 12.5 million tons in a trotyl equivalent.

To Gerrit Kernbauer managed to photograph the comet or asteroid with Jupiter on the video since the publication had been viewed more than 930 thousand people.

It clarifies the RIA “Novosti”, Kernbauer initially doubted that he was able to really see the collision of Jupiter with a comet or asteroid, however, subsequently similar the pictures and video were published by the Irish astronomer John McKeon. This confirmed the Austrian is seen “cosmic accident” and not a spot of light or a phenomenon that occurred in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Such impacts happen on average once a year. One of the most famous events of this kind were in 1994, when Jupiter was hit by comet of chumacero – levy 9. Its fall on Jupiter was detected by astronomers both from Ground and from space with the help of Galileo.

Amateur astronomer recorded the collision of an unknown object with Jupiter 30.03.2016

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