American artist jed Dougherty, acting under the pseudonym Jebriodo, presented his new work – a drawing, in which the Soviet Superwoman and the Valkyrie are on the hand of the statue “Motherland”, located in Volgograd.

“Soviet Superwoman,” title Jebriodo picture posted on DeviantArt. In his drawing of the Soviet Superwoman, standing on the shoulder of the “Motherland”, posing another comics character Valkyrie in the hands of which camera. The artist explained that the Soviet Superwoman refused to be photographed in the pose, repeating the outstretched arms of the sculpture.

“Have you seen this statue in reality? It’s real and in the photos it looks incredibly huge. I imagine tourists who are endowed with superpowers, acting out there. At first I didn’t get to portray the monument, and the wife persuaded me to pererezat it more accurately,” – said Jebriodo in the comments.

Soviet Superwoman card by Jebriodo on DeviantArt

Journalists V1 found out that American artist unwittingly repeated a photo taken in the 1960-ies. On the hand, “Motherland” was photographed former Deputy Director of a monument-ensemble “to Heroes of Stalingrad battle” on Mamaev hill, then still an ordinary employee Valentina Klyushina.

In the Museum-reserve “battle of Stalingrad” tell us that a unique photo was taken in 1969. An employee of the Museum at the time of shooting was at the height of over 40 meters above the top of the mound, which houses a giant statue. It is obvious that the participants of the photo shoot, including the photographer, had put himself at great risk – at this altitude is almost always a strong wind rages, in addition, elements of the statue is quite sloping and is not adapted for secure of finding them unprepared.

Brave woman climbed up into the hands of “Motherland” accompanied by an experienced climber. The photo shows that she holds the safety rope. And the photographer, who was shooting, standing near the collarbone, went down on a rope from the hatch on the head of the statue.

American artist settled “the Motherland” in the universe of comics 17.02.2017

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