American chess player of Georgian origin Nazi Paikidze-Barnes refused to participate in the world Championships to be held in February 2017 in Tehran, due to violations of women’s rights in Iran. It is reported portal Georgia Online.

Choosing Tehran as the venue of the world championship on chess among women, the international chess Federation (FIDE) has given its participants the rules of conduct in order to comply with the country’s strict Islamic laws. In particular, all players are instructed to cover their heads with hijab.

This requirement has angered athletes from many countries, but only Paikidze decided to declare a boycott of the championship. She stated that she is not going to wear the hijab and thus support the oppression of women’s rights. Even if she had to miss one of the most important competitions in the life.

“If the venue is changed, I don’t take part. I am deeply upset. I got this privilege as the right to represent the United States at the women’s world chess championship. I am disappointed that I will not be able to use it because of religious, sexist, and political problems,” wrote Paikidze-Barnes in Instagram.

Paikidze has launched a petition, which calls on FIDE to move the championship to another country or to influence the government of Iran and to cancel the stated limitations. She explained that he has nothing against Iran, the people of this country or any religion, but cannot accept the laws that restrict her rights as a woman.

23-year-old native of Irkutsk supported by well-known personalities in the world of chess, among them former world champion Garry Kasparov and British grandmaster Nigel short. On the side Paikidze rose and the U.S. Chess Federation, which is proud of its principled stance of his party.

American chess player refused to wear the hijab at the world Cup in Tehran 17.10.2016

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