In the United States arrested 19-year-old student at the University of Florida Austin Harrop, who is suspected in the brutal attack on a married couple and their neighbor. The young man used as a weapon, not only the knife, but the teeth, literally gnawing the flesh of one of the victims. In the end, the man and his wife received fatal injuries, writes The Inquisitr.

According to preliminary data, at the time of the offense, “cannibal” was in a poor condition. After the murder of Austin was taken to hospital in a coma. According to one version, a student has a mental disability. Also it has been suggested that he was under the influence of drugs.

Meanwhile, initial tests did not reveal in the body of Harrapa traces of marijuana, opiates or methamphetamine. However, the student could use new synthetic drugs, including “Flaccus” (“drug zombies”). In order to confirm or refute this assumption is taken from the suspect biomaterials will be forwarded to the FBI lab.

“Flaccus” has become widespread in Florida in 2013. This kind of drug, nicknamed “crazy for five dollars”, causing hallucinations, psychosis and gives the addict a “superhuman” strength.

According to the father of the suspect, Dr. Wade Haruta, the behavior of his son not due to addiction and bad heredity: in the family Harratov were schizophrenics. Wade is confident that Austin was not aware of their actions.

Wade also claimed that his son suffered from a severe form of pneumonia, which affected the functioning of the internal organs (lungs began to accumulate fluid, and the liver no longer cope with its functions). In addition, Austin drank some chemicals, due to which burned the esophagus and lost the ability to speak.

Currently, Austin Harrop transferred from a hospital to jail. 11 days the student was in a coma. The court ruled to arrest the alleged murderer without the right to bail.

After arrest, Austin said confidently, did not use drugs. “Check. You will not find anything”, he said to the police. However, the guardians of the law believe that Harroufi was “overdose” and he was in intoxication.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, on 14 August 2016 Austin Harrup involved in the past struggle, attacked with a knife in the city Tequesta 59-year-old John Stevens and his 53-year-old wife Michelle Mishcon. For the revenue spouses hastened their 47-year-old neighbor Jeff Fisher, who is also the culprit inflicted the wound.

When at the scene police arrived, they saw a terrible picture. Muscular and naked to his underpants, the former athlete was astride defeated John Stevens, was making animal sounds and tore with his teeth his face and stomach. The murder was committed right on the roadway.

To tear “Tarzan cannibal” from his victims, it took a considerable force of police. The guardians of the law were trying to disarm the suspect by shots from a stun gun, and then was forced to use a service dog.

According to the Sheriff, the police did not shoot to kill because I was afraid to get in John Stephens. Later, it became clear that the victim by that time was already dead.

During the inspection of the adjacent territory the police found a corpse in the garage Michelle Mishcon with traces of violent death.

Austin felt like a “superhero”

Five days before the attack, Austin posted a video in which he hinted that in the past took steroids, but then abandoned them. If so, drugs could cause a former wrestler and bodybuilder the so-called “roid rage” – an outburst of uncontrolled aggression. It may be associated with “fragile” resulting from the refusal to accept the drugs that cause the addiction. This version is voiced epidemiologist Jim Hall, who works at the University of Nova Southeastern, writes The Daily Mail.

It is known that just before the murder of Austin dined in the restaurant with his father, sister and friend. In an institution the young man quarreled with relatives, and then ran outside. At first he tried to get into a sports bar in Jupiter inlet colony, and then walked about five kilometers in the heat, before I accidentally met Stevens and Michcon, passing by their open garage. The couple was sitting indoors and watching TV simultaneously discussing the observed image with passers-by.

Meanwhile, Austin’s mother, Mina Harrop, went to the police with the statement for disappearance of her son. She described it as “a bit addled”.

“He says he feels an immortal superhero. I don’t know where it will lead. If you currently have it only have a pocket knife,” said Mina Harrop.

According to investigators, during the massacre Austin used not only a knife but also a “rosette” from a broken bottle of vodka, which he found in the garage of the victims.

During the month up to commit crimes Austin posted on Youtube 41 video demonstrating the increasingly outrageous behavior. “I live a crazy and a normal person at the same time. I’m going crazy. Help me,” says a student in one of the videos.

In another video, he is walking around the house with a semiautomatic pistol in his hands.

Family Stevens insists on the death penalty for Austin. “I have little interest in what he was thinking at that moment,” said the son of the murdered man, arguing about the motives of the “enraged bodybuilder”.

According to press reports, the 61-year-old father of a student-“cannibal” was detained by police for driving in an alcohol intoxication. For example, on 26 July 2011 at about 23:30 he was stopped in the town of Juno beach. Then Wade Harrop confessed that he drank at a strip club four shots of vodka. He also stated that he took pain medications.

The court sentenced Wade to six months probation and 50 hours of community service. In April 2012 a man with a criminal record arrested again for the same offense. Getting out of the car, Wade can barely stay on his feet. This time the man was appointed a year of probation and 50 hours of community service. It has been deprived of six months of driver’s license.

American student-“rodent” who tore his victim’s face with his teeth, accused of double murder 07.10.2016

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