One of the suspects in high-profile case of cyber attacks on a number of American financial institutions in the summer of 2014 is in Moscow and talks about returning to the United States, according to the American Agency Bloomberg , citing sources familiar with the situation. We are talking about a 32-year-old U.S. citizen Joshua Aaron.

According to the newspaper, he was detained by Russian authorities in may of this year when checking the documents in a rented apartment in the center of Moscow. Currently, American is contained in the detention center for illegal migrants outside the capital. He is accused of violating the visa regime. May 20, the court decided to fine the Aaron on five thousand rubles and deported from the country. In June, another court rejected the appeal of the accused.

According to Bloomberg, Aaron entered the territory of the Russian Federation from Ukraine may 23, 2015. This happened a few weeks before in the USA was issued a warrant of arrest against him and his alleged accomplices – citizens of Israel Gehry Chalons and Ziva of Orenstein. They were both arrested in Israel in July 2015. In may 2016, the Israeli authorities were allowed to deport suspects to the US. The trial began in June, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Us authorities have accused all three of committing a series of attacks between 2007 and 2015 at a number of major financial institutions in the U.S., including JPMorgan Chase Bank. In the course of these attacks have been stolen data on more than 100 million customers.

Data were used in various illegal schemes, including manipulation of the stock market. Obtained by hackers income is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bloomberg notes that at the time, as Aaron and two Israelis are considered perpetrators of the crime, the identity of the organizer of the criminal group remains unknown. There is a perception that he is a citizen of Russia. As an indirect confirmation of this version of Bloomberg indicates that Aaron often made trips to Russia, and in that period, when he committed the attack. “Perhaps he met with the organizer,” writes the Agency.

Sam Aaron claims that he did not know that in the US, a warrant was issued for his arrest, and denies the violation of any American laws.

Russia, which does not extradite its nationals and has no extradition agreement with the United States, invited Washington to convey Aaron in to us authorities in the framework of the “mutual” exchange, but have not received a response from the American Embassy. Thus he will be able to leave Russia, go to any country you want.

American, suspect in the hacking of JPMorgan Chase, was in Moscow 11.10.2016

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