Searches from employees “Open Russia”, their colleagues and friends, was conducted with excessive force and constitutes an act of intimidation. This opinion in the human rights organization Amnesty International (AI).

“The scale of today’s searches and ostentation, with which they were conducted under the cameras of the national TV channel – leave no doubt on which the policy of the Russian authorities are against dissent in General and “Open Russia” in particular – said the Deputy Director of the organization’s Europe and Central Asia Denis Krivosheev. Is a policy of intimidation and political repression.”

Krivosheev also added that “the noteworthy reliability of the carried-out searches and excessive use of force”. Executive Director of “Open Russia” Timur Valeev without any necessity laid on the floor and brought his hands behind his back, although he didn’t pose any threat, he said. “A former employee of the “Open Russia” Nikolay Levshits reportedly spent all of six hours that lasted searched, in handcuffs,” – said the representative of AI.

Searches from employees “Open Russia” and the people associated with them were held on 5 October. The investigators, accompanied by SWAT soldiers came to the chief editor of the “Open Russia” Veronica kutsyllo, the system administrator edition Artem Minich, parents of the Chairman of the same movement Alexander Solovyov, 18-year-old daughter of the editor-in-chief of the control Center investigations Andrew konyahina, the Manager of the Executive Directorate of the movement Nina Alex, Executive Director of “Open Russia” Timur valyeev and former employee of the movement Nikolai Levshino. Also searched was a political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky who participated in the creation of the film “Open Russia” the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov “Family”.

During a search of the daughter konyahina security forces broke down the door. Timur Valeev law enforcement officers put a face to the floor and kicked, reported in Facebook the coordinator of the human rights direction of the organization Paulina Nemirovsky.

On the same day the search took place in the office of the “Open Russia” in Moscow. From him seized electronic media and promotional materials.

The investigative Committee announced that the searches took place in the framework of the “Yukos affair” of 2003 – investigators are looking for evidence of laundering Mikhail Khodorkovsky of money laundering. In December last year, the searches in this case have already passed several employees “Open Russia” and in the offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in February of this year, investigators came to the journalist and human rights activist Zoya Light.

The founder of the “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky linked the searches of the employees movements with the approaching anniversary of President Vladimir Putin. The former head of Yukos has promised that the efforts of the investigators will not succeed and will not stop the activities of the organization.

Amnesty International called the searches from employees “Open Russia” a campaign of intimidation 06.10.2017

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