International human rights organization Amnesty International demanded that the US-led coalition conducting airstrikes in Syria to investigate reports of casualties among the civilian population. As a result, 11 attacks coalition aimed at the terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH, is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation) for two years were killed about 300 civilians, reads the statement published on the website of the organization.

American authorities have so far not responded to Amnesty International in a Memorandum sent to the Ministry of defense on September 28 about the actions of the coalition in Syria. Collected data suggests that the U.S. Central command that manages the coalition forces, can not take measures to protect the civilian population.

“We fear that the U.S.-led coalition significantly underestimates the harm to civilians as a result of the operation in Syria, – said the Deputy Director on scientific work of the regional office of Amnesty International in Beirut, Lynn Maalouf. – Analysis of available data suggests that each of the known cases of coalition forces have not taken adequate precautions to minimize civilian casualties and destruction of civilian objects.”

In a statement, the organization emphasizes the need for impartial and independent investigations into violations of international humanitarian law and the promulgation of the results of the investigation.

Amnesty International has gathered information obtained in Syria from local human rights organizations and monitoring groups, as well as interviewed witnesses and conducted an analysis of satellite imagery, photos and video evidence. The results of the investigation say that the result of 11 air strikes killed about 300 civilians, while the Central command acknowledged the death of only one person.

Among the recent incidents cited in the Memorandum or three attacks of the coalition in June and July 2016 in the communities near the town of Manbij in the territory of the governorate of Aleppo (Aleppo). As a result of these attacks in the villages of El Tochar, El-Haddad and El-Gandora killed more than 100 civilians.

The attack on El Tochar occurred on 19 July and became the most deadly for civilians by air strike of the coalition – then killed 73 civilians, including 27 children, approximately 30 were injured. In a Memorandum to the Central command to ask questions about the purpose of these attacks and the measures taken to protect the civilian population.

“My mother, aunt, wife and children – the daughter was four and son two and a half years, died. A woman and her son, which I saved, were killed. All died but me” – leads the organization of the words of the victim during the attack on El Tochar.

After more than a week July 28, killing at least 28 civilians, including seven children, in the village of El-Gandoura 25 kilometres North-West of Mandiba. Strikes occurred in the local market.

In addition, the U.S.-led coalition launched strikes on two houses in the village of Ayn al-Khan, in the North of Syria December 7, 2015, killing 40 civilians, including 19 children, and about 30 were injured.

According to Syrian human rights organizations, the number of victims since the beginning of operation can be more than 600 and even 1000.

Human rights activists accuse not only the coalition led by the Americans. 87 humanitarian and human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch and Care International has demanded to exclude Russia from the UN Council on human rights because of “Russia’s role in Syria” and conduct military action that is often the civilian population and civilian objects. In response, the Kremlin they suggested to do “those atrocities that have several years of satisfied militants in Syria-the terrorists.”

Amnesty International demanded to investigate the deaths in Syria, some 300 civilians from the coalition strikes 26.10.2016

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