International human rights organization Amnesty International called “a major blow to freedom on the Internet” law, signed on the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin, banning the use of means to bypass blocking access to forbidden sites – anonymizers, VPN services and other ways.

“Technologies that help Internet users evade censorship and protect their privacy, has acquired crucial importance for freedom of expression on the Internet. Now, the government has given itself authority to prohibit the use of VPNs and other technologies that help people to freely access information online,” explained Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Europe and Central Asia Denis Krivosheev.

According to him, the ban VPN and anonymizers will be another attack on online freedom in Russia. “They had blocked critical websites and on the basis of vaguely written anti-extremist laws are subjected to harassment of users of social networks exclusively for publication on the Internet. The VPN ban is just another step in this shameful campaign,” added Krivosheev.

“To understand how to work a ban, just look at China, where Apple just decided to remove the main app VPN on-premises version of its App Store. Thus, the company helps the Chinese government censor the Internet and compromises the rights of countless of Internet users”, – concluded the defender.

July 30, Putin signed a law banning the use in Russia of the means to bypass the lock to access forbidden sites – anonymizers, VPN services and other ways. Anonymizers will have to disclose information about their owners Roskomnadzor, which gains additional powers.

Identify information resources for the purpose of adopting measures to restrict access to them, requirements to the methods of such restrictions, and also placed information about the constraint defined by Roskomnadzor, said the law, which will enter into force on 1 November 2017.

Owners anonymizers act may not provide possibility of use in the territory of the Russian Federation of their networks. In the event of default by the owner of the anonymizer obligations under the law, Roskomnadzor decides on the limitation of access to the service. Law-abiding owners obligated by law to notify the Roskomnadzor.

In order to counter the use on the territory of the Russian Federation Roskomnadzor anonymizer creates a Federal state register of information resources, information-telecommunication networks access to which is restricted in Russia.

Amnesty International has called a “blow to freedom on the Internet” Russian law banning anonymizers and VPN 31.07.2017

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