More than half (56%) of all refugees in the world, of whom there are more than 21 million, is located in ten countries with low and medium standard of living, which accounted for only 2.5 percent of global GDP. Rich countries escape responsibility by avoiding to take a large number of refugees stated in the report of the international human rights organization Amnesty International “Overcoming the global migration crisis: from evasion to
separation of responsibility”, published on Tuesday, October 4.

The document notes the difference in the number of refugees from Syria, taken
neighbours and other countries of the world. So, the UK has accepted less
8000 Syrian refugees, and Jordan, whose population is almost 10 times
less than in the UK, where GDP is 1.2 percent – more than 655 000.

Turkey took more than two and a half million, Pakistan million
six hundred thousand, and Lebanon – more than half a million. New Zealand
a population of 4.5 million, like in Lebanon, with an area of 268 thousand
sq km, has placed only 250 refugees. In the list of leaders for receiving
refugees in Lebanon, followed by Iran (979 thousand), Ethiopia (736 thousand),
Kenya (554 thousand), Uganda (477 thousand), Democratic Republic
Congo (338 thousand) and the Republic of Chad (369 thousand).

Secretary General Salil Shetty said that such
a small number of countries – 10 of 193 – due to the fact that these 10 countries
coexist with the crisis. “This situation is unsustainable and doomed to
the unbearable suffering of millions of people fleeing war and persecution
in countries such as Syria, South Sudan, Afghanistan and Iraq,” said

Human rights activists have criticized rich countries for “lack of
of responsibility for refugees as the crisis escalates.
Amnesty International has accused Britain of dodging
responsibility and urged the head of the British Ministry of the interior amber Rudd
to review the policy of the United Kingdom in relation to the migration crisis, according to The

Amber Rudd warned of the disastrous consequences of the policy for
refugees in the country and abroad. “The new Minister of internal Affairs
needs to overestimate the catastrophic consequences of the failure of the UK
to share responsibility for refugees”, – said the head of Amnesty
International UK Kate Allen. “It’s a shame on Britain
we have a smaller percentage of refugees in the world, although the size of our country
and wealth allow you to do much more.”

Amber Rudd needs to allow the refugees to reunite with relatives
already in the UK. Women, men and children are sleeping in
tents in the mud around the world, they should be allowed to meet
parents, siblings and other family members in the United
the Kingdom,” added Kate Allen.

The organization called on all countries to take a share of refugees, on the basis of
criteria of availability, population density and unemployment rates. In
an example of how countries can move a large number
refugees, human rights defenders led Canada, which is November 2015 adopted
almost 30 thousand Syrians.

The representative of the British government, responding to these claims,
said that the government has pledged to resettle 20,000 of the Syrian
and 3,000 refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. “We
aim to resettle the most vulnerable migrants, directly from the region
our goal is to help the most needy, keeping people from trying
to take the dangerous journey and preventing the trafficking, ” he said.

Amnesty International: More than half of the refugees sheltered poor countries 04.10.2016

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