In Syria has killed 38-year-old Sergey Morozov, assistant to the Deputy of the State Duma from LDPR Mikhail Degtyarev. While in the armed conflict in Syrian territory Morozov acted as a mercenary of one of the Russian private military companies, reports Reuters.

According to the Agency, frost was injured in March 2016 near Palmyra, which was under the control of banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH), and died on the way to the hospital. State Duma Deputy Mikhail Degtyarev told reporters that Morozov was his friend, and confirmed that he was killed at the battle of Palmyra.

It is reported that frost was posthumously awarded the order of Courage, photography awards saw the Agency. Journalists also got acquainted with another award – the order of Courage, which gave the family another citizen of the Russian Federation, Maxim Kolganov, who, according to the Agency, was killed in February in Aleppo.

Anonymous sources told journalists that Kolganov and frost before heading to Syria, fought in the Ukraine in the same unit, commanded by a man with the call sign Wagner. He, according to media reports, then created a private military company.

Earlier it was reported that active recruitment of mercenaries to participate in the fighting in Syria on the territory of the Russian Federation is engaged in PMC “Wagner”. While the Russian Criminal code has an article “Mercenarism”, which provides penalties for the recruitment of a mercenary up to real imprisonment.

RBC magazine in August 2016 published an investigation that consists of a so-called group of Wagner, the soldiers of which, according to the media, participate in the fighting in Syria. When the maximum number of “groups of Wagner’s” 2.5 thousand people their salary for a year from August 2015 to August 2016 could range from 2.4 billion to 7.5 billion rubles, said the journalists.

The cost of the presence of 2.5 thousand people in Syria without taking into account salaries, according to the newspaper, could reach $ 2.5 million per month, or about 170 million rubles (at the average annual dollar rate of 67.89 of the ruble, according to the Central Bank). Taking into account wages, supply base, accommodation and catering annual maintenance of the “group of Wagner” can cost between $ 5.1 billion to 10.3 billion rubles.

Camp private military company is located in the Krasnodar territory in the village of Molkino. There also deployed the 10th separate special forces brigade of the main intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Ministry of defense. It GRU secretly oversees “a group of Wagner,” confirmed RBC officer of the defense Ministry and the FSB, adding that this detachment arose after the “in the world aggravated the situation.”

Money to soldiers “a group of Wagner” were paid in cash, officially, they never have been issued, and the procurement of weapons and equipment is classified. According to sources journalists spending took over the government and “senior businessmen”.

Among the dead in Syria, the Russian mercenaries was the assistant Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR 03.11.2016

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