In Germany, arrested the employee of one of special services – the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV) of Germany, who is suspected of Islamism. According to local newspaper Die Welt, 51-year-old man – the citizen of Germany – worked in the offices in Cologne and under an assumed name, visited Islamist chatrooms, where he expressed support for Islamism, and also offered to give secret information BfV, jeopardize other officers.

The newspaper’s sources say that the suspect was planning to carry out a terrorist attack at the headquarters of the BfV, he said, “for the sake of Allah.” However, according to the media, to begin preparations for the attack, Islamist did not.

In most BfV existence of threats to the Department deny. Special services representative said that the real threat to the officers was not there. This information was confirmed by the Prosecutor of düsseldorf, who are investigating the case. According to him, the preliminary data do not confirm that the detainee was planning an attack using explosives.

According to Suddeutsche Zeitung, NDR and WDR, the detainee – a native of Spain, received the German citizenship. He was hired by the BfV in April of this year and still in any questionable cases were not observed.

The investigation revealed that in 2014, male secret from his family converted to Islam. He is currently detained and is in custody. According to Der Spiegel, to detain the suspect helped the other agent BfV, which had contact with him in the chat.

An employee of the German intelligence services were detained on suspicion of Islamism 30.11.2016

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