One of the employees of the shopping center in Minsk said, as he said, attacked with a chainsaw and axe visitors. As a result of attack one woman was killed and another one injured. Meanwhile, the Investigative Committee of Belarus on its website reported about the investigation and have posted photos and video from the scene of an emergency. The attack was also recorded by surveillance cameras, but these records are not published.

In SK reported that the attacker “has been detained by police, with the assistance of the staff of the shopping center.” One of the employees of the shopping center “Europe” on behalf of Alexander stated that he detained the attacker.

He told me about this site According to him, he saw the panic that came out of the toilet. In the shopping center ran a man with an axe and a gas balloon. Employees of other stores threaten him with chairs and throwing garbage cans, trying to stop. “I noticed that he was on the stairs going to run to the exit. I quickly went down the escalator and caught him. Hit a couple of times and twisted. Ran up the other guys and helped. After a couple of minutes came the police and took the attacker,” – said Alexander.

He noted that the criminal – Slavic appearance. Police previously reported that visitors of the shopping center was attacked by 17-year-old resident of Minsk, a citizen of Belarus.

On the website also published a video taken by one of the visitors from the upper floors of the building: it is evident, as the building is removed and put in a paddy wagon, the man in orange.

On the website of the Investigative Committee published a photo of the axe and Mace, as well as the guitar case in which the assailant carried in TC instruments. A chainsaw he killed 43-year-old woman with an axe and then stabbed 46-year-old visitor to the Mall. The assailant struck her two blows from an axe to the chest and shoulder, then began to threaten other visitors and staff of the center. Saw not visible in the photo.

“Investigators together with employees of the municipal Department of internal Affairs of Minsk city Executive Committee and the State Committee of forensic examinations carried out inspection of the scene confiscated the recording of the video cameras installed at the Mall, which recorded illegal actions… the work of the investigative team at the shopping centre is coordinated by the first Deputy Chairman of the Investigation Committee Alexey Volkov… Chairman of the Investigative Committee Ivan Noticem the course of investigation of criminal case is taken on personal control”, – stated in the SC website.

Juvenile Minsker, born in 1998, the main investigation Department initiated a criminal case under part 2 of article 139 (murder committed under aggravating circumstances). Investigators are working with him, establishes his mental state.

An employee of the shopping center in Minsk, told how he detained the assailant with an ax 09.10.2016

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