In the new York borough of the Bronx in the village of Kingsbridge, a powerful explosion in
Tuesday, September 27, destroyed a house, one firefighter was killed, as
at least six people were injured, according to The
New York Times
, citing representatives of the city authorities.
Writes The
The New York Post
, the house exploded underground laboratory
the production of drugs.

Fire was one of several representatives of the emergency services,
arrived on the call about the leak of household gas. Call 911
arrived around 6:20, the explosion happened at 7:30, said the representative
the fire Department of new York city. By this time in the place
of the incident there were about 20 employees of the Department.

The house was already evacuated, but the emergency services still
worked in it. A FDNY captain was taken to a local
the hospital, where he later died, according to local TV station Pix11.

Among the wounded are several police officers, according to the Daily
, four of them, they were taken to North Central Bronx

According to the emergency service personnel who left the building before
the explosion was seen inside an underground meth
lab. The roof of the house caved in, the rubble flew through
the street and covered the roadway and several vehicles.

25-year-old photographer David Chabinsky, who lives nearby, heard
a loud explosion, when going to work. “It was very loud, and
in five minutes he heard police sirens, and then one for
others flew the helicopters,” he told The New York Post.
Helicopters seen in the video posted on Instagram.

when it
exploded, 3 blocks away me and my son were in my apartment and the
the entire building shook.

An explosion in a meth lab destroyed a house in new York 27.09.2016

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