An international investigation team to investigate the crash said that anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk” missile which was shot down Boeing 777 of Malaysia airlines (flight MH17) at the Donbass July 17, 2014, was delivered from the territory of the Russian Federation. The point from which the rocket was launched, was named field under the Ukrainian village of Pervomayskaya, which was in July, under the control of the separatists self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic. This was stated by the head of the investigation Department of the police of the Netherlands Wilbert Paulissen in the preliminary report, presented at a press conference on Wednesday, September 28. Direct online broadcast was conducted by RT in YouTube.

Later the materials were published on the website of the Prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands. The full text of the report translated into Russian and published on the website of”echo of Moscow”.

The investigation team concluded that the missile launch site was under the control of the separatists: “the Launch was carried out with agricultural fields near the village of Pervomaisk (may day). We are talking about a field with an area of 500 by 600 metres. Within a radius of 5 kilometres this is the highest point in the immediate environment. The field is framed by trees on all sides, except the West,” said Paulissen.

The foreign Ministry called the report biased on the involvement of Russia in the crash Boeing in the Donbass

The conclusion made by the investigation team, was confirmed in the materials recently received from the US and European space research.

According to Paulissen, in response to a Dutch request for legal assistance the United States provided a report which outlined the assessment of information about the attack on the airliner flight MH17, saying that the airliner was shot down by a missile SA-11 surface-to-air”, also known as the anti-aircraft complex “Buk” fired from the place, located about six kilometers South of the village of Snizhne in Eastern Ukraine. This conclusion corresponds to the distance to the launch site near the village of Pervomayskoe.

The investigators compared the weapon parts found at the crash site, with samples of different types of missiles, “Beech”, and came to the conclusion that the missile that shot down MH17 were from the 9M38.

Released intercepts of conversations of the separatists: “If you will have time in the morning to “book” and send back, that’s good.”

During the press-conference was shown of record on July 16-17 intercepted telephone conversations separatists in which they discussed the delivery of Buka and a missile launch site. The evening before the attack separatists are asking about the “bouquet” that will protect them from the Ukrainian air raids, the night talks, they can obtain weapons the same night. This talk is available on the channel of the Prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands in YouTube.

In one of the conversations we are talking about the necessity of delivery “Buck”: “I don’t know, today my, ***** would hold up or not. Because that’s where they will start now “Grad” dub. And will remain without razvedrota without special forces company… I Realize that all pipets will be “Hail”-then OK, now again, ***** drying (su. – Approx. NEWSru.comwill strike in the morning. If you will have time in the morning to “book” and send back, it will be good if you’re not, then consider that ass*****. I’m going to go there”.

From another record, it follows that Buk was delivered to Donetsk:
– Where are we this beauty to ship Nikolaevich?
“What is it? This?
“Yes, Yes, what I brought. I am already in Donetsk.
Is what I think, right? “M” is which?
– Yes, Yes, Yes, “Buk”.
– She’s on the tractor?

From the conversation which took place on July 18, 2014 morning, the day after the start, it becomes clear that “Buck” came back to the territory of Russia:

They drove to the intersection the car left. The boys went on, the car went to the right place. And came normal, everything. There just began a strange calls from ten people.
– What ten?
Well, his number started calling different people, to introduce myself first one, Then second, then third, then fourth. Then, he says, I have ***** (tired). Then, he says, the Shooters began to call. Introduced. And he took – turned off the phone And we don’t know where the car is.
Machine in Russia

To the report on file and shown to the viewers photos of the transportation “Buck” from social networks, already previously known from investigations by the independent expert and the journalistic group Bellingcat. Investigators have a recording of a conversation with a separatist, who confirmed that the installation was brought back to the Russian border. The route of the installation and the missile launch site was reconstructed on the animated map.

Investigators have data on about 100 people involved in the launch of a series of 9M38 and transportation “Buck”. The coordinator of the investigation Fred vesterbeke noted that all 100 people are suspects. To separate the suspects from the witnesses you want to install, from whom came the order to launch and how it was transmitted. The official representative of the foreign Ministry of Germany Martin Schaefer said that while the investigators were unable to name specific names and have against them criminal cases.

“It remains to answer the question of who is responsible for this? Who was involved in the supply, delivery, protection and removal of the complex “Beech” and/or the attack on the airliner flight MH17″, – is spoken in the report.

Zaroshchens’ke, which indicated Russia was under the control of separatists

According to TASS, the launch of Pervomayskiy previously postulated Kiev research Institute of judicial examinations, but it was not confirmed as a result of experiments conducted by the concern “Almaz-Antey” in Russia, which showedthat the Boeing was shot down from under the settlement zaramensky, located about 20 km West of the Snowy and controlled the day of the crash the Ukrainian military.

International investigators have announced that checked the version of the running of the village zaroshchens’ke, but found no such start-up. In addition, according to the investigator’s group, zaroshchens’ke, too, were controlled by Pro-Russian separatists. This is evidenced in intercepted telephone conversations separatists named Alex: “zaroshchens’ke – it was our territory. If “dill” came in there firmly would never come up. Zaroshchens’ke is here, near us. From where I sit, three kilometers from the center.

“Investigators have ruled out two scenarios: a technical failure and terrorist attack on Board the ship,” – said at a press conference of the Dutch attorney General and coordinator of the investigation Fred Westerbeke, reports “Interfax”. He stressed that at the time of the crash MN17 was not close to other aircraft.

Westerbeke said that the accusations of Russia not yet been made. “We are not making statements about the involvement of Russia,” said Westerbeke. The work of the international investigation team is extended until the beginning of 2018.

On Wednesday morning, before the press conference with the preliminary results briefed relatives of the victims. Chief investigator Fred Westerbeke announced that the missile that shot down the airliner, was delivered to Ukraine from Russia, and “Buk”, from which a shot was fired, was controlled by the separatist territory.

The investigation team includes representatives of five countries – Niderlandov, Australia, Malaysia, Belgium and Ukraine.

The MFA called the findings of the investigation team is biased and politically motivated

Shortly after the publication of the report of the international investigation team on the causes of the crash the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova saidthat Moscow is disappointed that the situation around the investigation does not change. “Unauthorized to appoint the perpetrator and to invent desired results have become the norm for our Western colleagues. I want to ask: how can I?” – asked the rhetorical question it.

“Russia initially offered to work together and to rely only on the facts. Instead, international investigators have removed Moscow from full participation in the investigative process, relegating our efforts only a minor role. Sounds like a bad joke, but in Ukraine they have made a full member of the SSG, giving her the opportunity to tamper with evidence, and wrap the case in their favor,” – said Zakharov.

She stressed that the investigation continues to ignore overwhelming evidence from the Russian side, despite the fact that “Russia is actually the only one who sends accurate information and reveals all new details.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, answering journalists ‘ questions before the presentation of the report, called for the investigation of the circumstances of the crash to take into account all data, including those presented recently by the Russian military, who said that located in the Rostov region “Utes-T” were not recorded closer to the plane of any air objects of the Eastern Donbass regions, including from the village of Snow.

The founder of the Bellingcat investigative journalism group of Eliot Higgins in an interview with “Radio Freedom” shortly before the press conference noted that “the Russians are doing everything to undermine the credibility” to the report. The data suggested that to consider the Sands, Higgins commented: “They unveiled a new radar data that really absurd and ridiculous, because these data refute their own previous statements show that they were lies. First, because they it was that five kilometers from Boeing was a Ukrainian fighter, it now appears that there are no objects in the air were not there. The Russians will do everything possible not to take responsibility for this disaster,” he said.

Malaysian plane Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in the Donetsk region of Ukraine on 17 July 2014. The victims of the crash were all 283 passengers and 15 crew members. Among the dead were citizens of ten countries, most of them – the citizens of the Netherlands.

An international investigation team announced that Boeing shot down the “Buk” was delivered from Russia 28.09.2016

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