Famous Russian film Director Andrei Zvyagintsev in an interview with Forbes told about the shooting of his new film, about social problems and their attitude to charity in Russia.

In the new film with the working title “Dislike”, financed by Russia, Germany, France and Belgium, we are talking about two unhappy people who have realized that can no longer live together, they have each other more hatred than love, and love, it’s like it never happened. But they have a child, and now he’s a burden in their future new projects.

Suddenly, the child disappears. And then comes to the rescue search and rescue squad volunteers. “I am often accused that my films are no positive heroes. Now let the search for other arguments for criticism. More Goodies it is hard to find,” said the Director.

According to him, “these people feel that entropy, see what’s going on”. “No one no one wants around bottled the tension and even anger, isolation and mistrust – that the climate of the day. State employees are not needed. People thought: how can from him the grace to wait, we will act ourselves,” says Zvyagintsev.

A typical example of when citizens are forced to help themselves because the government abandoned them, was the situation with the documentary film festival “Artdocfest” Vitaly Mansky. In 2014, he was left without financial support from the budget because of the words of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, “the political position of the German”. In the end, the money for the festival is collected with the help of crowdfunding.

“This international festival, with a reputation, the films presented herein were from different ends of the earth. The Minister of culture Medinsky has decided that he alone, agreeing only with its own flavor, can so to take and refuse support of the long-proven festival… I found it strange that in such a rich cultural tradition country like ours, the people themselves, with outstretched, we can say, hand collected in DRIBs and drabs on the international film festival. Just nonsense. Crowdfunding in this case is at least a testimony to the deplorable condition of Affairs in the social and cultural sphere”, – said the Indian.

“Social issues never I not particularly occupied, I was completely indifferent until it was in front of my eyes to change the climate of the country is a moral, ethical, aesthetic,” says the master. And so was born the movie “Leviathan”, closely connected to the metaphysical, existential questions.

However, the social context is important only as the environment in which the unfolding of the eternal drama of man. “I think in the state, and in particular in the Russian state the current sample, people just aren’t there. The life of another here has always been a tool, a bargaining chip, and not an end, but now it completely ceased to be important. And because conscientious people unconsciously are trying to change the situation. In this sense, charity is one of the tools to create alternative state, perhaps,” suggested the Indian.

Andrey Zvyagintsev: in the Russian state the current sample person is not provided 22.11.2016

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