Angelina Jolie last week gave the most important interview in my 20-year career, sources claim to Us Weekly. For four hours she told two FBI agents about what happened during the flight, after which she filed for divorce from brad pitt.

“Agents wanted in detail to figure out what happened from the moment the plane took off, until, until he landed. They are considering filing assault charges,” says a source. Reportedly, Jolie “fully cooperated” with the investigation.

As recalled to Us Weekly, the FBI is not the only one who digs his nose to the ground, trying to figure out whether the hit brad pitt one of their children. The case also involved representatives of the Department for children and families of Los Angeles. Due to the ongoing investigation interim agreement, in which six children remain with Jolie and can see pitt, was extended.

“None of the parties wants to bring the proceeding to trial because of the findings of the FBI and of the Department for children may be available to the public, and it hurt the entire family,” says an insider.

It is expected that the investigation will take another few weeks. The agents intend to interview other potential witnesses, including crew members, flying from nice to Burbank, California. The data will be submitted to the Prosecutor who will decide whether to press charges against brad pitt.

Once you have six children you’re committed. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie gave testimony to the FBI against brad pitt 28.10.2016

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