Angelina Jolie continues to take an active interest in military dramas, primarily based on real events. The actress, who directed the film “In the land of blood and honey” and “Unbroken”, plans to play a major role in a military film “Shoot like a girl”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, at present, star is negotiating with the producers of the picture. The script writes Frank Baldwin.

It is expected that the film will be based on unpublished memoirs of “Shoot like a girl: the dramatic struggle of one woman in Afghanistan and on the home front”. This is the story of air force major United States Marie Jennings Hegar, who served in Afghanistan. During the three trips she was a pilot-rescue and brought hundreds of fighters from the battlefield.

During one rescue, her helicopter was shot down. Despite the injuries, Hagar continued to save people, for whom it was sent, and his team. For his bravery and the saving of hundreds of lives, the major was awarded the medal “Purple heart”.

Marie Hagar became the sixth woman in the history of the United States, received the flying Cross of merit. She sued the Pentagon because of the ban of women to participate in active combat, and to be officially recognized as participating in the fighting. Thanks to its position, this prohibition was declared unconstitutional and repealed.

Angelina Jolie will play the heroine of the war in Afghanistan 03.10.2016

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