Celebrate Halloween, celebrated on the night from October 31 to November 1 in many countries, including Russia, for some in our country is associated with occult rituals involving cats black suit, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda Chelyabinsk” with reference to local animal welfare activists. At the same time the alarm sounded, the defenders of animals in Omsk. Specific examples, however, no one leads, but it should be noted that these statements appeared on the background of loud stories from Khabarovsk students-guaderrama, which caused a huge resonance in the society.

“We don’t give on the eve of Halloween to other people of black cats, – told the publication Director of the Chelyabinsk orphanage, “I – living” Wernicke Varlamov. – To us often call and strongly interested in such Pets.”

“And if we give animals, sign a contract, which prohibited the transfer of animals to third parties, the new owner is obliged to send the photos. A after such conditions disappear,” said animal rights activist.

Not a single concrete example of when and who brought black cats or cats in sacrifice during the celebration of Halloween, it has not.

Meanwhile, recently, against the celebration of Halloween was made by Chelyabinsk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), said local site “Good news”. “Halloween is annually committed blasphemy and an insult to Christ’s Church founded on the blood of martyrs who refused to honor and serve pagan idols. This celebration is open mockery of traditional Russian culture, the Orthodox-Christian in its basis,” said a statement from the diocese.

Simultaneously the alarm concerning the possible use of animals for sacrifices at the feast of the worship of the dark forces scored Omsk defenders of animals, said portal “Superomsk”.

“People give animals beware! In the recent increase in calls from teenagers asking to give a puppy or kitten! Do not give, soon the American holiday of evil spirit and some inadequate to make sacrifices!”, – written by animal rights activist Olga will Sulim in the group “Omsk VK” social network “Vkontakte” (the spelling of the author saved. – Approx. NEWSru.com).

Any examples of it also failed, but got in the address portion of the counter-arguments from commentators on her post. The girl pointed out that Halloween in any way with the sacrifices is not associated origins and he does not American, and Celtic.

Halloween originated about two thousand years ago on the lands of modern Britain and Northern France. Later in the holiday intertwined Celtic tradition of honoring evil spirits and Christian – worship to all the saints. Catholic all saints Day (All Hallows Even) became known as Hallowe’en and then just Halloween.

As for black cats, the people there still persists a stereotype that it is a “demonic creature” that brings misfortune, for example, ran across the road to man. However, annually on 17 November in many countries around the world celebrate the international Day of the black cat.

Animal rights activists in the regions are worried about black cats, which supposedly sacrificed on Halloween 26.10.2016

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