Former Russian President and current Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on September 14, turned 50 years old. As informs “Interfax”, the birthday he will spend at work and will celebrate the anniversary evening with family and friends.

Press Secretary of the head of the government Natalia Timakova told: “It will be a normal Monday, a normal working day. For the first half of the day the Prime Minister will hold a series of international phone calls”.

Dmitry Medvedev was born on 14 September 1965 in Leningrad. He graduated from the law faculty of Leningrad state University and the LSU graduate school. In 1990-1998, was engaged in teaching work in the same University at the same time occupying the post of adviser to the Chairman of the Leningrad city Council and an expert of the Committee for external relations of St. Petersburg city hall.

At the age of 34 Medvedev became Deputy chief of staff of the government of the Russian Federation and Deputy and first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration. In October 2003, the 38-year-old Medvedev headed the presidential administration. Two years later, Medvedev became the first Deputy Chairman of the government.

In March 2008 at the age of 42 years, Medvedev was elected Russian President. He became the youngest head of the Russian state over the last hundred years and in the top five of the youngest leaders in the world. The presidents of all the countries in the CIS, older Medvedev, in the States of the “big eight” and “twenty” only Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron a year younger than Medvedev.

Since may 2012, Dmitry Medvedev accepted the offer of Vladimir Putin and the head of the Russian government.

Medvedev has shown in training with Putin that he is in good physical shape

At the end of August Dmitry Medvedev demonstrated together with President Vladimir Putin that he is in good physical shape: the Russian leaders held in Sochi residence Bocharov Ruchei joint training session. The first person in the state held a warm-up and exercises on weight machines and had Breakfast together. They ate beef steaks, the cooking process was followed up on themselves.

The press service of the Kremlin and the state Agency TASS published a photo with a warm-up and tea party, which quickly spread on the Internet in the form of numerous “photoshopped pics” and jokes. Rare informal photo shoot “blew up” the Russian segment of the Internet. During the discussion wags drew attention to the strange sneakers Medvedev, he adds the growth and physical form of Putin, and the abundance of imported equipment of American Hoist declared in the era of import substitution.

Western journalists described the reproduction of news about the training as the desire of the Russian politicians to keep their rating at altitude on the background of problems in the economy and rapid fall of the ruble due to the decline in oil prices and Western sanctions.

Commenting on a photo shoot, journalists assumed that its purpose was to show the “buxom” of the Russian leader. “Exercising in the gym Putin shows who’s boss,” said Western journalists, adding that 62-year-old President Medvedev, who is 13 years younger, tips, “how to derive the maximum benefit from training.” Russian Internet users have suggested that the emergence of Medvedev in the way sports ally of Putin, probably, means that the Prime Minister can again become the successor of the President.

Medvedev became famous for the love of “self” and activity in social networks

Dmitry Medvedev is known for his love of Internet technologies, social networking and fashionable gadgets. The Prime Minister has accounts on all popular resources, for example, in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and “Vkontakte”. Medvedev millions of subscribers, and the Prime Minister monitors the trends. In particular, he likes to do a selfie.

During his working trip to Stavropol territory in August 2014, the head of the government visited the youth forum “Mashuk-2014″. Medvedev decided to help one of the participants of the forum to win the selfie contest (note, the Prime Minister has considerable experience in this difficult matter – in June last year the Prime Minister published in Instagram first selfie in the Elevator, after which the number of its subscribers increased by more than 58 thousand per day).

Resident of Ingushetia asked the Prime Minister to comment on the situation with the complexities of employment of young specialists. “We also have here is a selfie contest. Help me to win,” he added.

“What do I need to do?” – said Medvedev. “We need to do a selfie with me,” replied the young man. The Prime Minister agreed, however, on the question of the party the Prime Minister probably didn’t. “Now I can be long and tedious to talk to You about building a system of relations between employers and graduate of the University that needs to be done, how important it is to implement your project. Let’s do another way. Now let’s do a selfie and let’s finish this,” said Prime Minister of Russia.

One of the most scandalous stories with Medvedev occurred in mid-August last year, when the account Medvedev’s Twitter was hacked. In the microblog premiere there was a message on behalf of Medvedev, stating that he had decided to leave his post. “Resign. Ashamed of the actions of the government. I’m sorry”. In another tweet was reported about the intention of the Prime Minister after the resignation to become a “freelance photographer”.

Among the tweets posted by the hackers were such warnings and the statement “We can come back in 80-ies. It’s sad. If the goal of my colleagues in the Kremlin, it will be reached soon” and “Russian citizens should not suffer because of problems in the perception of common sense from the Supreme leadership of the country”. Hackers on behalf of Medvedev laid out and please retweet the hashtag #Crimninal.

Users, however, the “fake” Medvedev liked morethan this. In the comments one of them wrote that “around the world with compromised accounts politicians begin to write nonsense, and only in Russia – the truth that all have waited so long”.

Also active discussion in social networks and caused the incident with the participation of Dmitry Medvedev at the Olympics in Sochi. Discussing the opening ceremony of the Games, users drew attention to the fact that among the officials little attention has been paid to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. It turned out that during the ceremony, Prime Minister NAP. Anyway, so it might seem because Medvedev poses and foreshortening.

The morning drink, all day free

— Yuriy Dontsov (@foxikov) February 7, 2014

Footage from the opening of the Olympic games in Sochi, on which Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev took a NAP, steel core for a flash mob and a flood of jokes on Twitter. TJournal publishes a selection of photos and reactions of users.

“Freedom is better than unfreedom”: famous quotes Medvedev-President

“Freedom is better than lack of freedom” – one of the most quoted statements of Medvedev, which he did in February 2008 at the Krasnoyarsk economic forum, speaking with the acceptance speech as the presidential candidate.

“Our policy should be based on the principle that I think, despite its obviousness, is essential for the activity of any modern state, aspiring to achieve high standards of living. This is the principle of “Freedom is better than non-freedom”, – said Medvedev. Four years later, in April 2012, at the final meeting of the state Council the President has confirmed that still adheres to this principle.

“Stop scaring business!” is an emotional statement was made in August 2008 in the city of Gagarin, Smolensk region at a meeting on the development of small and medium businesses. Then the President said that in this area nothing for the better has not changed: “Tortured checks and all kinds of assaults on commercial pickups”, “it is necessary that governments, law enforcement agencies “has ceased to terrorize business,” he demanded.

“Don’t whine!” – with these words, Medvedev responded to complaints about big business at the meeting in Magadan in September 2008. “I understand that business is not easy that the bureaucratic machine is still heavy, but no need to whine,” – said Medvedev, referring to the CEO of the company “the pole gold” Evgenie Ivanov.

“Scoundrels without a brain and without a conscience,” Medvedev said unscrupulous businessmen who offered to “cut off the hands” after the fire in the Perm club “the Lame horse” in December 2009, which claimed the lives of over 150 people.

“The government should not be shaking like a leaf” – in September 2011 in an interview to three Federal TV channels Medvedev that these words explain why during the years of his presidency no Minister left his post for the incompetent. The activities of the government of Vladimir Putin has consistently called Medvedev’s approval: “Not all the accidents depend on the Ministers that we really do have a very complicated situation in the industry and in the economy,” he said.

“President of the iPod” – often speaking about modernization, Medvedev has described himself as a man, armed with modern gadget. In September 2010 at the World political forum in Yaroslavl, he said: “I would like to see the modernizers was the people and not just political parties, not only the President who walks with the iPod, or some kind of elite,” Medvedev said.

“The WTO is not a carrot. Protracted negotiations on accession to the world trade organization, which Russia waged for over 18 years, irritated by Medvedev. At the meeting with representatives of Russian business in September 2008, he compared the membership in this organization with this bait, which stimulate to work allowed.

“Fat cats” and “cat”. As a lover of boating, skiing and badminton, Medvedev in his post did not leave without attention the sport in the country, the problems which became apparent after a failed winter Olympic games in Vancouver in 2010. At the meeting with the leadership of the party “United Russia” in March of that year, Medvedev placed the blame for the failure of the sports Federation: “the corner-stone must be nominated as the figure of the athlete, which is not federations, which are sometimes large and fat as cats”.

In March 2012 one of the most discussed topics in the Russian Internet has suddenly become the story of Medvedev’s pet cat Dorotheus, who allegedly went missing. The history that gave rise to numerous cartoons, jokes and “photoshop contest” were eventually newspaper “duck”. However, the President found it necessary to comment on the situation on Twitter, using this Internet jargon.

“Cast in granite” – such an interesting feature of his speech was given by the President himself. In December 2009 at the meeting of Commission on modernization of economy, the head of Rostekhnologii, Sergei Chemezov, after the speech of the head of state has requested to respond, as he put it, “a replica” of the President. He immediately corrected official. “Not my remark, but a verdict. Replica you. But what I say is cast in granite”, – said Medvedev.

Anniversary of Dmitry Medvedev: Mr Prime Minister, “lover of self” and the partner of Putin. turned 50 years old 14.09.2015

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