A bill to abolish the electoral College and move to direct elections of the President submitted to the Senate of the United States, transfers TV channel Fox News. Following the results of elections November 8, Donald trump became the fifth elected President of the United States, which gained fewer votes than its competitor – in this case, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

The bill was introduced by democratic Senator from California Barbara boxer. “We are the only country in the world where you can get the most votes and still lose the presidential election,” she said. Boxer called the electoral College “an outdated and undemocratic system”, reports “Interfax”.

Fox News is considering a bill in line with the protests against the victory of Donald trump in the election. The broadcaster, however, said that the chances of the adoption of the bill in Congress controlled by the Republican party are minimal.

In addition, even after taking it for a real change in the electoral system in the United States will require the ratification of a law by three fourths of the States within seven years because it is necessary to amend the Constitution.

At a meeting in early November US presidential election the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton ahead of Republican Donald trump for more than a million votes but lost the election. According to preliminary data, voted for it 61,963 million voters, trump – 60,961 million

However, the electoral system presidential elections in the United States does not provide for a direct vote. Voters vote for electors from the state who support a particular candidate in the vote of the electoral College. In most States all the electors to support the winning candidate even if he got 51% of the vote. The vote of the Board, the candidate must obtain the support of more than 270 electoral votes for victory. Trump scored 290 votes of the electors, having gained victories in several key States.

Trump in response to the criticism of opponents due to the fact that he scored fewer votes than Clinton, said that he would win under any electoral system. He called the electoral College “brilliant,” pointing out that it has to fight, even States with a small population. “If the result of the election depended on popular vote, I would lead the campaign in new York, Florida and California (the most populated States), and the victory would be even larger and would be given to me even easier,” wrote trump on his Twitter.

Another bill to abolish the electoral College introduced in the U.S. Senate 17.11.2016

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