In Krasnodar territory the court sentenced a Russian woman Oksana, Sebastiai to seven years of imprisonment because of text messages she sent to his friend in Georgia shortly before the outbreak of hostilities in South Ossetia. The sentence was handed down this spring, but only now it became known about it to journalists and the General public. Earlier it was reported about a similar verdict against a resident of Sochi, Catherine Hereaway.

Information about the verdict to journalists , RAPSI said the lawyer Ivan Pavlov. “Indeed, the Krasnodar regional court sentenced her in March 2016. For some reason her lawyer after the verdict missed the deadline for appeal. And now we are going to overturn the verdict,” he said.

According to him, the case of Sebastini was not the first to charge people with treason because of a few SMS messages sent in 2008, shortly before the war with Georgia, their friends. The text messages allegedly contained information about train with military equipment heading towards Abkhazia.

In conversation with the journalist of”Medusa” Pavlov confirmed that the SMS messages Sewaside wrote Georgian man on a train with military equipment. The lawyer added that the sentence was in detail described the events that preceded the war with Georgia. In particular, it was specified number of military units and types of equipment, which was moved by rail, Pavlov said.

“From the point of view of information value and sensitivity of the information, her text messages, when compared with the sentence – like the drop and the sea”, – said the lawyer, who currently represents the interests of the convicted and intends to achieve her release, as she considers the verdict unjust.

In the database of the Krasnodar regional court “Medusa” found a card of this criminal case, in which, however, does not indicate the name of the convicted. The paper reported that the case was heard on March 3, 2016 by the judge Vladimir Kobzeva, and on March 22 the court has come into legal force. July 6 this year, the case was transferred to the archive.

In the article “jellyfish” under the heading “Knight vs FSB” about a lawyer Pavlov specified that Sewaside was arrested in early 2015. In his opinion, the criminal case took so long because a message is intercepted through the system of technical means for operational-investigative measures (SORM) and “all the time, there was a record SMS”, “information out”.

Note that secret thing back in the spring wrote a separate publication, but then journalists have had almost no specific data on the progress of the trial. Since March 10, the Agency Regnum reported that Krasnodar regional court issued a verdict in the case of a man accused under article 275 of the criminal code (“treason”), providing punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to 20 years.

“The case is classified, in the media about him not previously reported. It is known that on trial on charges of treason was Sewaside. The case was received in the regional court on 5 February 2016, it was considered to Vladimir Kobzev”, wrote the reporters.

In November 2014 a similar criminal case was convicted a resident of Sochi Ekaterina Kharebava, which also sent SMS to his friend, seeing the movement of Russian military equipment to the side of Abkhazia shortly before the war in Georgia. Krasnodar regional court sentenced her to six years in prison for espionage. The case was also considered by the judge Vladimir Kobzev, who was engaged in the case of Oksana, Sebastini.

The human rights centre “memorial” recognized sentenced the inhabitant of Sochi as a political prisoner. Human rights activists stressed that the Russian military equipment before the war with Georgia moved openly and it was seen by many people. Therefore, the information about such movements may not be a secret.

Another Russian woman was sent to the colony on charges of treason due to SMS messages before the war in South Ossetia 01.12.2016

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