A former campaign adviser to candidate Donald trump by Paul Manafort about 10 years ago, was secretly working for Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, promoting the interests of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

According to the Associated Press, “Manafort suggested in a confidential strategic plan submitted in June 2005 that it will influence policy, business communication and news coverage in the United States, Europe and the former Soviet republics, bringing benefit to the Russian government, despite the deterioration of relations between Moscow and Washington during the presidency of George W. Bush”.

Manafort suggested that these plans of the Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska, which in 2006 signed a contract worth 10 million dollars, which was to receive annually until 2009.

This follows from interviews with several people familiar with cash payments of Manafort and documents about business transactions obtained by the AP.

Putin is accused of buying European politicians, as institutions and parties

In addition, Manafort “has proposed an ambitious political strategy aimed at undermining anti-Russian opposition in the former Soviet republics”.

Manafort AP confirmed the fact of cooperation with Deripaska in several countries, but stressed that this work had no relation to the political sphere, and the published assumptions about its cooperation with Russia are part of “a smear campaign”.

“I worked with Mr Deripaska about 10 years ago, introducing it to both business and private matters in the countries where he had investments. My job Deripaska did not include representation of the political interests of the Russian Federation”, – said Manafort.

However, according to the Agency, this cooperation is “contrary to the claims of the administration of the tramp and Manafort that he had not worked in the interests of Russia“.

As notes “Interfax”, in the holding of Deripaska’s Basic element, declined to comment on the issues associated with the alleged cooperation with Manufactum.

“Vedomosti” write that the official representative of Deripaska said that Manafort once really had a businessman Advisory services “under the contracts that relate exclusively to the business interests of Oleg Deripaska”. “Currently, these contracts with Mr. Manafort are the subject of legal proceedings”, – said the source.

We will remind, in August of 2016 Manafort was forced to leave the campaign headquarters of presidential candidate Donald trump amid allegations that during operation Advisor to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych from 2007 to 2012 has received large amounts of cash (almost $ 13 million) from the accounts of the “Party of regions” of Ukraine in the framework of a “grey scheme”, and that he was able to break the US law on “foreign agents”.

On March 21, the Verkhovna Rada Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko said at a press conference that Manafort received money from the “black accounts” Yanukovych and provided a copy of the invoice on the letterhead of the consulting company of Manafort, was in Alexandria, Virginia. Invoice dated 14 October 2009 and issued some of the company, registered in Belize, in the amount of 750 thousand dollars for selling the 501 computer. Leshchenko argues that Manafort forged invoice Belize companies, to legitimize the payment of 750 thousand dollars himself.

These documents were released after several hours of hearings in the U.S. Congress, where FBI Director James Comey answered questions about possible coordination of actions of staff of trump with Moscow. At a meeting of the Committee was discussed and the work of Manafort “Party of regions” for nearly 10 years.

By Paul Manafort denies its ties with Russia

On the eve of the former campaign Manager of trump by Paul Manafort denied their ties with Russia by making a statement immediately after it, FBI Director James Comey at a hearing of the Congress, officially confirmed that his office is investigating about Moscow’s intervention in the US presidential election.

As reported in the us political newspaper The Hill, Manafort declared that has no relation to the cyber attacks on the Democratic party or the subsequent publication of the data obtained as a result of hacking. I never spoke with any of the representatives of the Russian government or anyone involved in these attacks,” said Manafort.

“Despite the endless investigations and innuendo, there is no evidence to support these allegations – and they will not” – he added, calling the idea of ties with Moscow trump’s “blatant attempt” to discredit him and the legitimacy of the election of the President.

However, despite numerous requests of Kiev, the Ministry of justice and the FBI have not given their consent to the questioning of Manafort on charges of corruption.

Putin is accused of buying European politicians, as institutions and parties

Moscow intervenes or intends to intervene in the political life of not only the US but also in most European countries, enveloping the whole of Western Europe “agents” and buying not only politicians, but entire political parties, such accusations against the Russian leadership is increasingly heard from the European politicians.

French President Francois Hollande openly calls for Western countries to be alert to Russia, which has an impact on public opinion in foreign territories, using the same ideology, as in Soviet times. In an interview to leading European media, which he gave in the beginning of March, the French leader, speaking about “the Russian threat”, said that Moscow “wants to participate in the resolution of world conflicts in their favor. We see it in Syria. It is approved as a power”. Russia “examines the degree of resistance to” Europe and every time “measures the correlation of forces,” said Hollande, Le Monde, article, which leads InoPressa.

The President of France urging EU countries to “be vigilant”, as the Kremlin has extended financial assistance of the European parties and movements from the right wing. “With regard to ideological operations, they must expose – said Hollande. – It should be absolutely clear to say who is with whom, who gets funded. Because all movements of the extreme right are somehow connected with Russia.”

According to the former head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Ogryzko, Moscow, buying European politicians and their parties customizes the Europeans to a positive attitude towards Russia. In an interview with Online.ua he said that “Putin has managed to create in the West a network of structures that have a positive attitude to Russia”.

“In Germany these are called Putinversteher – “Those who understand Putin”. It is simple: people buy from low level to high. Recall, Mr. Schroeder, former Chancellor of Germany, who has been bought “Gazprom” – in the truest sense of the word (Gerhard schröder – the head of the governing Board of the Gazprom Nord Stream AG 2). He still continues to work on “Gazprom”, spreading the idea of strengthening the gas dependence of Europe from Russia. Even journalists, political analysts, experts, buy the whole lot. In France today, the ongoing scandals with MS marine Le Pen (known for his Pro-Russian stance – approx.ed.), which “did not hide that he had received money from Russia” (in 2014, her party the front national took out a loan in the “First Czech-Russian Bank”, which is then declared bankrupt – approx.ed.)”, – said Ogryzko.

“Take Hungary, Austria, Holland: everywhere there are political forces that feed Moscow, where the forces of different political orientation from right-wing radicals and left-wing radicals to “green”, – says Ukrainian diplomat, noting that “what is happening now in Europe, is the collapse of Europe through democratic tools.”

Working group East StratCom Task Force of the European external action service (EEAS) in late January released a report, which claimed that Russia may affect the upcoming elections in the European countries, just as it did in the United States, wrote to the magazine Der Spiegel. The report States that currently “is incredibly vast-at least partially-organized campaign against the European Union, its policies and its principles.” Propaganda is a “state policy” and a “military tool”: “the Kremlin directly controls the media and every day tells the journalists about what they can report, and what is not”, “the Russian side is spreading conspiracy theories, and sometimes replicates the “ridiculous lie.” The purpose of such activities, as the document says, is always “one is to sow discord and divide society”.

AP: former campaign adviser to candidate trump by Paul Manafort promoted the interests of Putin abroad for $10 million a year 22.03.2017

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