The group of Russian troops in Syria was headed by Lieutenant-General Alexander Zhuravlev, first Deputy commander of the Southern military district (SMD) of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, according to “Kommersant” and “Interfax” with reference to its sources. Officially, the information the military has not yet confirmed.

“It happened not today, not yesterday, but some time ago,” – said the source Agency. Zhuravleva predecessor, Colonel-General Aleksandr Dvornikov at the end of June was appointed commander of the southern military district.

Zhuravlev from September 2015, was chief of staff of group of the Russian Federation in the SAR, but after Dvornikov in the leadership of the southern military district temporarily performing his duties in Syria, according to the publication “Kommersant”.

A source in the Russian General staff claims that the candidate Zhuravleva already approved by the country’s leadership, and in Syria it is the status of a full-fledged commander of the Russian contingent.

Alexander Zhuravlev in 1996 he graduated from the Military Academy of armored troops and ten years of service in the far East military district has passed a way from the chief of staff of a tank regiment to the commander of a motorized rifle division. In 2008, he was appointed chief of staff of the commander of the 58th combined arms army in Vladikavkaz, and two years later he commanded the 2nd Guards red banner combined arms army in Samara.

In 2015, Zhuravlev a few months he occupied the post of Deputy commander of the Central military district, after which he headed the headquarters of the southern military district, and from there was sent to Syria. According to sources, Zhuravlev closed by decree of President Vladimir Putin was awarded the title “Hero of Russia”.

“To prevent the capture of Palmyra”

Zhuravlev head of the Russian contingent at the moment when militants of the outlawed terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) are active offensive against the positions of Syrian government troops near the Eastern borders of the ancient city of Palmyra, according to the article. According to sources, in his new post Zhuravlev have to solve the tasks of special importance associated with assisting government troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

Losses of the Syrian army hundreds of daily, almost every day there are reports about the destruction of their military equipment, forces Assad’s army is almost exhausted, the troops with great difficulty managed to keep the position. According to sources, the protection of Palmyra is one of the most important tasks: “it is Impossible to prevent its seizure by terrorists.”

Once at the beginning of July to the East of Palmyra was shot down Russian military helicopter Mi 35 and killed two pilots, long-range bombers Tu-22M3 of the Russian air force launched massive strikes on the positions of militants IG in the Syrian province of HOMS.

The military operation of the Russian Air and space forces (VKS) in Syria began on 30 September 2015. March 14 this year, Putin ordered to withdraw from Syria, the bulk of the Russian troops. However, some military equipment and a limited contingent of troops remained in the country to support Assad’s army in the fight against ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Appointed the new commander of Russian forces in Syria 22.07.2016

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