The government Commission on legislative activities approved
a bill authorizing
military personnel to conclude term contracts for a period of six
months to a year in the period of “extraordinary circumstances” to prevent
the activities of international terrorist and extremist
organizations outside of Russia, according to Slon. Norm
distributing short-term contracts for all types of armed
conflict should, according to the plan of the Ministry of defense, to eliminate the deficit
specialists in the Syrian operations.

On the website
the government says that the bill will provide
“soldiers, passing military service on an appeal (not earlier than
one month before the expiry of the term of military service), and citizens
being in stock, wishing to enter military service
under the contract”.

The draft law provides for the conclusion of contracts only in the period
in extraordinary circumstances, such as liquidation of consequences of natural disasters
or events of emergency, recovery
constitutional order or participate in activities to maintain or
the restoration of peace and security.

The contract will be signed “prior to the termination of circumstances that caused
the necessity of the conclusion, but not more than one year from the date
the entry into force of the contract on passage of military service”, it said
on the government website.

It is expected that this will increase the mobility of troops and will provide an opportunity
quickly to complete their contract “for operational decisions
short, but important tasks related to their participation in the operations
suppression of activity of terrorist and extremist

Amendments to the law “On military duty and military service” was
prepared by the Ministry of defence. Now, as stated in
the explanations of the Ministry of defense, short the primary contracts for a period of six months
to years can be concluded only “under exceptional circumstances
(elimination of consequences of natural disasters, the implementation of measures
a state of emergency, restore constitutional order and
other emergency) or to participate in activities
the maintenance or restoration of international peace and security.”
Model contracts are the first contracts for two, three years or
five years.

The bill, approved on October 3, will be considered at the government meeting.

Although the government website States that the bill was prepared
in the execution of presidential decree “On
further improvements to military service in the Russian Federation” entered into force
May 7, 2012, the defense Ministry unofficially explained that the amendments
was developed by the war in Syria.

The defense Ministry complained that Syria due to the Serdyukov reform is not
enough specialists

In November 2015, when the Ministry of defence has posted amendments for
public discussion on the portal of information disclosure, blogger and
the party of the second war in Chechnya Denis Mokrushin in his “Live Journal”
wrote that “the contracts of six months of participation in combat operations widely
practiced at the beginning of the second Chechen campaign.”

According to him, this was done “for urgent retrofitting of warring
parts by contract with the citizen, or to prevent mass
transfer to the reserve of soldiers in the midst of combat
action.” “In our battalion all contractors were exclusively
polugodiya. Before the assault of Grozny, when it came time
dismissal of appeal I-98, the whole appeal of the 98th year, obliged to sign
fictitious contracts for the six months of hostilities, to somehow
to maintain an efficient backbone before the decisive action,” wrote
Mokrushin and added: “somehow it seems to me that we expect in the near
the future a very “fun” times, citizens.”

A source in the defense Ministry told the newspaper “Vedomosti”,
what the rule allows to conclude short-term contracts for all
types of armed conflict, designed to help in the Syrian operations.

According to him, some ill-considered decisions during the military
reforms under the leadership of former defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov
led to shortages of a number of military specialties. So, aircraft
previously officers with actually a higher education and after
the reforms were translated into the category of sergeants of contract service, what
has led to mass layoffs.

New staff will be prepared soon, so the defense Ministry and
developed amendments that will allow in case of need to dial
these people are on short term contracts, said the newspaper’s source.

According to another officer of the defense Ministry, the amendments will also allow
to avoid the shortage of surface ships through the conclusion
contracts with sailors conscripts.

Approved a bill on short-term contracts for military operations abroad 05.10.2016

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