Court of arbitration for sport (CAS) in Lausanne has reduced the period of disqualification of the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova from 24 to 15 months, according to a press release from the organization.

Mary will be allowed to speak at the event April 26, 2017, a week after her 30th birthday.

Thus, it will be able to take part in the Open championship of France, which starts may 28.

The international tennis Federation (ITF) Sharapova was disqualified for two years from January 26, 2016 for the anti-doping rule violation involving the use of Meldonium by appointment to her doctor.

Athlete June 9 filed an appeal with the CAS against the decision on his dismissal, demanding to recognize its violation is “minor”, since it did not use this drug to improve athletic performance.

Because of the disqualification Sharapova are unable to participate in the 2016 Olympics and dropped to 95-th position in the rating of Female tennis Association. A number of companies ripped on Sharapova’s advertising contracts.

Sharapova said Tuesday that is looking forward to his return to the court after serving his suspension.

“In March last year began one of the most difficult periods of my career,” wrote the athlete in Facebook. – It lasted until, until I found out that will be able to speak in April. I felt that they took away the main thing in life, but now I’m back. Tennis is my passion, I’m very bored, I count the days to returning to the court”.

“Now, when this process is over, I hope that the ITF and other relevant tennis anti-doping authorities will study it, like other Federation, so that no other tennis player will not have to go through what I went through,” added Maria.

Arbitration of Lausanne, the reduced period of Ineligibility Maria Sharapova 04.10.2016

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