At least six Russian athletes are under suspicion of bribing the leadership of the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF) to conceal a positive doping tests.

This, according to TASS, according to German broadcaster ARD , citing the investigation of the Prosecutor’s office in Paris.

According to the source, derived from materials filed in France criminal case, the IAAF demanded with six Russian athletes from 300 to 700 thousand euros for non-disclosure of data about their positive tests.

We are talking about Lilia Shobukhova, Valerie Porcine, Olga Kaniskina, Vladimir Kanaykin, Sergey Kirdyapkin and Yulia Zaripova. All of these athletes was eventually disqualified.

The materials indicate the repeated extortion and questionable financial transactions that were used by the IAAF for several years. A mediator in corrupt practices, former President of the IAAF Lamine Diack called the former head of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) Valentin Balakhnichev, through which nearly 1.5 million euros.

According to the channel, six Russians are not the only athletes who were forced to pay bribes. Total number of athletes is about 23 people.

ARD also notes that the scandal might be involved, and the World anti-doping Agency (WADA), which in the fall of 2014 sent a letter to the Commission IAAF ethics with information about suspicious doping samples Russian athletes and their concerns about possible blackmail by the IAAF. However, no further Agency action was taken.

The article includes the email text balahnicheva in the IAAF, in which he recalls past agreements in six cases of Russian athletes and accuses the Federation for extortion.

“You decided to use a few violations in the data part of the biological passports of Russians as a great way of their own prosperity. In 2011, when we encountered 19 cases based on indicators of biological passports Olympic and world Champions, you’ve offered us a deal. Calling it a deal we’re too diplomatic. It was a cynical and cruel blackmail. Speaking about the possibility to deprive Russia of the right to host the world Cup in 2013 and further negative consequences for the country, you forced us to enter into a long relationship and hide the indicators of biological passports,” the letter reads.

Further Balakhnichev, the IAAF offers to help preserve the confidentiality of these data or to make public evidence proving the criminal activities of the officials of the IAAF. “We will not be silent, this game we did not start. This is a project of the IAAF and the IAAF have to be a victim of the intensifying scandal,” he said.

Balakhnichev They are doing a show from the upcoming report of the McLaren

He Balakhnichev explained publication ARD desire to whet the public interest in the final part of the report of the Commission of the WADA under the leadership of Richard McLaren, the disclosure of which is scheduled for December 9.

A former President of the Russian athletics Federation (vfla) Valentin Balakhnichev

“They are doing a show from the upcoming report of McLaren, which will be published on December 9, quoted balahnicheva TASS. – Apparently, people who are preparing a report, don’t expect it will be met with a bow and gratitude, and thus, prepare public opinion. Raised rotten a topic that has already been widely discussed in the press. It provoked within the media systems of Europe, as they are”.

ARD named the athletes of the Russian Federation, demanded bribes for covering up doping 25.11.2016

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