353 justice of the peace precinct Metropolitan area Airport on 8 November appointed a member of the controversial Gelandewagen racing Mare Baghdasaryan a sentence of 40 hours of compulsory work on the fifth case of non-payment of its fines for violations of traffic Rules (SDA), recognizing her guilty under article 20.25 of the administrative code of Russian Federation (“Evasion from execution of administrative punishment)”. A day earlier, following consideration of the first four cases of non-payment of fines, the same court appointed Baghdasaryan 10 days of administrative arrest.

At the meeting of November 8, the girl was in a “cage”. In the course of the proceedings, she pleaded guilty and promised to reform. “I find it very hard in the detention center, I realized everything and will not allow this to continue”, – quotes its “Interfax”.

Lawyer Baghdasarian Alain Garm also assured the court that her client, a malicious violator SDA, intends to embark on the path of correction. “Mara has a law degree, she will look for work and wants to become a worthy member of society,” said the advocate and added that the 9 of November of relatives Baghdasaryan will pay all assigned earlier penalties.

Earlier the woman told the court that it does not work and lives off his parents. Before the media reported that the daughter of the owner of a large meat processing company Elmar Baghdasaryan works as a Manager in the oil company “LUKOIL”.

Fifty unpaid fines

All Baghdasaryan 51 was instituted administrative proceedings for non-payment of fines for traffic violations. One of the administrative reports, the court dismissed, as in this case, the fine Baghdasaryan was issued erroneously. On the other two counts the court appointed Baghdasaryan compulsory work for 75 hours. Meetings in the remaining cases assigned to 24 November.

As reported, Baghdasaryan was detained November 6, on Leninsky Prospekt in the capital, where she parked the car on the sidewalk. During the inspection of documents by the traffic police found that she had dozens of unpaid fines for traffic violations.

Baghdasarian was a witness in the case of resonance of “race” Gelandewagen in Moscow with the participation of the son of the Vice-President of “LUKOIL” Ruslan Shamsuarov. For participation in the incident and traffic violations she spent 10 days under administrative arrest.

Also, the media reported that speaker could be the passenger of the BMW X5, triggering a major accident with the death of two people on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow in October 2015.

Meanwhile, October 31, was arrested another member of the aforementioned “races” – Abduvahob madzhidov. The next day the court sentenced him to 15 days of administrative for driving without a license and traffic violations.

22 may 2016 SUV Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen without numbers belonging to Ruslan Shamsuarov several hours walked away from the police, making dangerous maneuvers and endanger the traffic participants. Behind the wheel was a man Shamsuarov – madzhidov.

17 Oct Gagarinsky court of Moscow sentenced Shamsuarov and his friend Victor Uskova to 300 hours of obligatory works. Madzhidov was previously also sentenced to obligatory works. SUV confiscated in favor of the state.

Arrested for 10 days the participant Gelandewagen racing added another 40 hours of compulsory work 08.11.2016

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