In Vladikavkaz zoo, a cat named Sonya got into the habit of stealing meat from contained in the institution of predators, with especial constancy and visit to the Amur tiger, reports the news Agency “date’s”.

Daily black and white cat sneaks through the bars of the cage to the striped predator and quickly grabbed a bowl a piece of meat, and runs away. And then with the same purpose, dropping and other animals. His nickname is the cat, which managed to “eat off” all the predators of the zoo, was in honor of the legendary thieves of the last century Sonka the Golden hand.

Tigress Alina lazily looks at her brazen tribeswoman, and the zoo staff figure out how to protect predators from the little gluttons. Last week at the aviary with Alina appeared appeal to zoo visitors – ask them to drive to the cage with the tiger, the arrogant and voracious cat, according to the Agency 15-news.

Banish Sonya from the zoo are hesitant, as it faithfully executes his professional duties – actively catches rodents, but discourage it from meat intended predators can not, although the cat in the place is also fed. The zoo plan to give the predators the larger pieces of meat, so the cat couldn’t drag.

Cats are “working” on a regular basis in almost all zoos in the country, while often becoming a foster mother for the young of predatory animals, abandoned by their native mothers. In particular, this practice is already many years there is the zoo of Novosibirsk, where cats fed the cubs of the lion, tiger, leopard, lynx, Serval, Harz (gelligroes or Ussuri Martens) and even the canadian wolf.

Arrogant cat steals meat from predators in the zoo of Vladikavkaz 10.10.2016

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