A friend of 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, staged the shooting by the visitors of the concert in Las Vegas, did not know that her partner was preparing an attack. About it as transfers Agency Reuters, the lawyer said Marylou, Durnley, which, at the time of the massacre, which killed 58 people, was in the Philippines.

“He never told me and did not take any action
that would cause me concern, I didn’t do anything, so I could realize that he was preparing something horrible, like
what has happened,” read the press statement 62-year-old of denli it
attorney Matt Lombard.

The woman, who returned recently to the United States from Manila, was questioned by the FBI. In her statement, she also called Paddock “kind, caring, quiet man.” Of denli admitted that she never came into his head that he could plan an act of violence against anyone.

In the words of denli, now she cooperated fully with the investigation. As explained by the Australian citizen of Filipino origin, she returned to the U.S. voluntarily because they knew that investigators wanted to talk to her.

Of denli, who was twice married, the last time I lived together with a Paddock in Mesquite (Nevada), and in late September she went to the Philippines. The woman was there at the time of the shooting, arranged by the Paddock on October 1 in Las Vegas. On Tuesday evening she flew from Manila to Los Angeles, at the airport she was met by the FBI. It is noted that after conversations with the investigators of denli was not apprehended, she also has not filed any charges.

As stated to journalists by the Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, it is difficult to believe that belonging to the Paddock extensive Arsenal of weapons, ammunition and explosives discovered by the police, he had collected independently, without anyone’s help. According to the police, that the man took about 20 years.

According to the investigation, the Paddock had carefully planned the attack. The police believe that the man led a secret life for decades. Last Sunday during the concert near the hotel and entertainment complex Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Paddock opened fire on the audience from my room on the 32nd floor of the hotel. Victims of the shooter, according to the latest information, steel 58 people, more than 480 were injured. The paddock had committed suicide before the arrival of the guards.

Joseph Lombardo at the press conference on Wednesday said that the hospital discharged 317 people injured in the shooting. He said that their total number amounted to 489, and 527 are not, as previously reported.

Arrow friend from Las Vegas said that he did not know about the impending massacre 05.10.2017

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